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Jseal And Unnatural Implant Removal

- Original Divine Blueprint restored - the removal of these J-seals is the most important thing a person can do at this point in time - better connection to Higher self - assists in the DNA activation process - receive much more intuition from your Higher self and you can start making your free-will choices in line with the Higher self - restore our organic imprint for optimal health and well being - a natural light will be restored, not only to us, but the Earths Crystalline Grid - evolution towards frequencies of love and higher dimensions - more psychic skills noticed - reach higher states such as bliss and unconditional love - back, neck and knee problems dissipate - breathe better - better circulation

$65 · 45 minutes


In scientific terms DNA is a molecule of heredity, a nucleic acid located in cells that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of living organisms. Scientists acknowledge that we currently only use ca. 3% of our 2 strand DNA. The rest of the DNA is still thought as “junk” in scientific means. However, the science is slowly getting nearer and nearer in understanding the roles of this DNA regarded earlier as “junk”. DNA Activations and energy healing help restore your DNA strands original blueprint, highest frequency holding potential and expand your consciousness. The potential encoded in human DNA Template is so called 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA Template, which allows human to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness. For the Indigo Children various templates exist, allowing 12 to 48 dimensions of consciousness.

$65 · 45 minutes


Activating the DNA templates of the Absolute Harmonic Realms “From the AH realms and for the love of man, here and now the Sacred Map, templates or higher codes have descended as living entities that will assist those who have chosen themselves to ascend in love, consciousness and higher energy frequency accretion for ascension and for the restoration and the creation of a new civilization of light charged with the golden frequencies of creation.” ~The Book of Origins, I. Delaflor

$65 · 45 minutes

Epigenetics DNA Removal and Activation

Epigenetics is the study, in the field of genetics, of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off and affect how cells read genes instead of being caused by changes in the DNA sequence. Hence, epigenetic research seeks to describe dynamic alterations in the transcriptional potential of a cell. Ancestral DNA Activation Our genes and or genetics do not have to affect our destiny.

$65 · 45 minutes

Reptilian Overlay holographic insert removal

This Reptilian false skin has been imposed upon humanity which forces the host to be controlled by this suit, which also controls the whole body. The only parts that the suit doesn’t cover are the hands, feet, neck and face (but the entire body is still controlled by this suit). This is not any form of energetic implant or seal and this is not part of the soul, it is part of the body. Human bodies are different than human souls. A soul can be good and gravitational towards the light — in service to others, or the opposite — in service to self. Approximately 65% of present day humanity have bodies that are either Reptilian or have Reptilian Overlays. The Reptilian Overlay is like a second skin, or a form of body armor that you are not able to just get out of. The overlay makes you Reptilian, even though you are not. It doesn’t matter if you are a starseed, or a normal human,

$65 · 45 minutes

Golden Star Christ Activation

These activations open the doorways to the Divine Consciousness so that we have greater access to communicating with our Higher Self. It assists in opening up all the chakras in the lower self (7 in the physical body) and it opens up the upper chakras in the Higher Self (at least 5 in the above the head). We shall not limit the number as we have no conclusive knowledge that it stops at the 5, because when the Golden Star which is the Divine Presence or Source is activated at the 1st position, it is the OmniUniverse, the Unlimited. I realize we want to "know", but if we label it, we are limiting ourselves and then we are staunching the flow

$30 · 35 minutes

The Three Graces Attunement

Goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, mirth, festivity, dance and song The Graces, or the Three Charities, were goddesses of beauty, joy and kindness. They were three beautiful sisters named Thalea she who opens all of the flowers Euphrosyne she who makes glad Aglai shining one.

$25 · 30 minutes

Emotional Healing Vibration

Emotional Healing Vibration carries positive vibrations and has an ability to assist heart based loving energy to fill your life. It opens the heart chakra... then helps to produce a loving connection to base chakra energy... which unites your emotional feelings with physical expression. It has a strong ability to cause coincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life. It has a very encouraging vibration and is a strong aid to help you to recognize what direction to take your life in... and aids you to discover what your life path is. Emotional Healing Vibration embodies both the pink ray of the heart and the deeper red.

$20 · 30 minutes


The Abundance and Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment is more stronger, more than Full Abundance. The concept of Abundance and Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment is abundance comes from within, if for any reason you feel you don’t deserve unlimited abundance, this will be projected into your holographic reality. On the other hand you could have all the material abundance available and continue to feel like you lack something. There is much more to abundance than material possessions and money. Get rid of the beliefs, attitudes, feelings, thought-forms, etc. that are not letting you live in abundance and enjoy it. Get rid of poverty conscious ids, raise your wealth

$22 · 35 minutes

Akashic Records Readings

What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom. Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records, helps you see through the veil. No more running around trying to fix your life; let insignificant problems resolve on their own and have fun with the real challenges as you'd have fun with creative expressions.

$40 · 30 minutes

Love Tarot/Oracle Readings

Do you have questions about your relationship? Or how your ex is feeling about you?

$30 · 30 minutes

Medium-ship Readings

Medium-ship is the practice of purportedly mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Practitioners are known as "mediums."[1][2] There are different types of medium-ship, including spirit channeling.

$30 · 30 minutes

Past life Readings

Have you ever felt drawn to a place and couldn't explain it? Have you met someone in this life and just know that you have known each other before?

$30 · 30 minutes

Golden Star Christ Activation

These activations open the doorways to the Divine Consciousness so that we have great opening up all the chakras in the lower self (7 in the physical body) and it opens up the upper chakras in the Higher Self (at least 5 in the above the head). We shall not limit the number as we have no conclusive knowledge that it stops at the 5, because when the Golden Star which is the Divine Presence or Source is activated at the 1st position, it is the OmniUniverse, the Unlimited. I realize we want to "know", but if we label it, we are limiting ourselves and then we are staunching the flow of universal and multi-universal knowledge. So I would prefer to say that we open up unlimited chakras above the head for we do not indeed know the "exact" number for sure. These activations also open up the doorways of the Divine Masculine and Divine.

$30 · 45 minutes

Clairsentient Awakening™Levels 1-3

Clairsentient Awakening™ opens you to the ability to feel and know the answers to questions and to perceive information at a distance. Learn how to put your consciousness in various places while you perceive feelings and information from other people, places, animals and times. Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture Pdf included

$44.99 · 45 minutes

Labradorite Sphere

Labradorite Sphere reduces headaches and eases pressure. Labradorite's spiritual energy forms a sphere around your body’s energy fields to dispel negativity, thus relieving the mental and emotional bodies of anxiety. Labadorite Sphere assists you to drop away patterns that have been holding you back from embracing your true self. It creates balance at a cellular level, promoting acceptance within your body to allow the changes you require to step more fully into your life’s purpose and Divine Function here on Earth. Labradorite Sphere is very adaptive and works with your Higher Self and Source to bring you the spiritual qualities of Labradorite stone that are most needed for you at this time. Labradorite Sphere™channeled and manual written by: Mariah Windsong Couture ~September 8th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved Pdf Manual included

$25 · 30 minutes

Basic Master, Basic Master teacher Shamballa New Paradigm

This workshop introduces the full spectrum of the Shamballa energy and more to the entire mind/body/electro-magnetic system of the participants. It allows the person to feel and experience these energies and become acclimatized to them. These energies have a powerful grounding effect and start up a process of coming into more balance and Love. From this workshop onwards these energies will flow through the person continuously day and night supporting the process towards balance and Love and keeping it on-going. This allows the person to be able to share the energy with others simply by touch. This workshop can be a wonderful first experience of working with and receiving energy. Note: These are a series of attunements.

$150 · 1 hour

13 D Master

Shamballa 13D offers in great love 13 Energetic Attunements to the complete Shamballa Multidimensional Vibration (Shamballa / Diamond City of the Masters as It vibrates on the 13 levels of Reality!) Sacred Meditations included plus new information. Channeling material and Spiritual Practices. In Shamballa 13D you are attuned to a special etheric Crystal of the 13 dimensions of Shamballa to ground and manifest your new Self, DNA, Advanced Spiritual Powers and Deepest Wisdom. Symbols: 14 Founder: Hari Das Melchizedek 2002,

$150 · 1 hour

Lavender Reiki

Lavender Reiki awakens you to your true spiritual essence. It helps you embrace your spiritual birthright and make it a reality. To do this, it aligns and integrates all your bodies—physical, emotional, causal, mental, and intuitive. As your physical and subtle bodies move toward alignment and greater cooperation, they become more aware of each other. This increased awareness further improves alignment and enhances the flow of life energy throughout your entire being.

$22 · 30 minutes

Spiritual Transmission Initiation

Spiritual Transmission is a powerful force that is very versatile in usage. Everyone who has received this initiation will develop their own ways of using it. It raises the vibrational level and brings in more universal light to each and everything to which it is projected. Because it is so powerful it needs a certain level of energetic and spiritual development. This means that if this attunement is received, is decided by Source alone. Basically there are no limitations on the use of Spiritual Transmission, only ones own mind and mental concepts confine the effects. Some aspect of this force has been available lately. Spiritual Transmission now, as given by this attunement, is a very balanced and complete energy in terms of male-female-aspects (to use classic, conservative language). It bears strength but also softness, it is lightful and strong. As the desired future of humankind will bring forth softer, more compassionate, and more tolerant.

$30 · 30 minutes

Melchizedek Initiation

Melchizedek is the the name of our Universal Logos. This could be likened to the spiritual president of our local universe. He is one of the 4 Masters that gives you the Rods of Initiation. He is a Wonderful Teacher and Beloved Master for all who seek the light and love of God. Logos in Greek means "The Word". Thus, Melchizedek is The Word. He is the ultimate guardian and ultimate architect of our universe. Melchizedek was the Messenger of God described in Hebrews as being "without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God."

$30 · 30 minutes

Indigo Harmonic Resonance codes activation protocol.

Indigo DNA activation

$65 · 45 minutes

4th Eye Activation©

An Urim Thummin Empowerment© of circuitry resonance for your tri-chromatic pathways connecting the 4 eyes of Horus with your eyes. Your 4th Eye, fully activated by Urim and Thummin Lights supports your multi-dimensional sight. The tri-chromatic circuitry is infused by 12 of the Strength Movers of the Light; for your brain and body’s ease to utilize higher light frequencies. It will also help to translate accurately the messages that arrive in many sacred languages to your conscious awareness. Founder: Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT Pdf included

$25 · 30 minutes

Quartz Crystal Archive Key Awakening

This awakening helps to give a person the permissions they need to access the information, divine programs, energy and wisdom in quartz crystals, especially the ridges and etchings upon their faces which many people believe to be naturally inscribed information. Persons may or may not consciously know the information until the time arrives for them to know what they need to. Anyone who can feel spiritual energies will likely feel a definite uplifting and upgrading even if the exact informational topics are not consciously accessible right away. Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

$25 · 30 minutes

The Calming Spiritual Waters Empowerment

Many people are hyper active and are unable to calm themselves down which can cause all sorts of problems in their lives. There are also lots of people suffering from anxiety, panic attacks etc, so this empowerment when called upon will bring great relaxation to ease tensions and bring over active hyper actions to a better more controlled level. Relax and bask in spirits embrace and feel all of the love they have to give you bringing you the peace, tranquility, soothing and calmness you need. Breathe easy with spirit as they help you through your issues.

$25 · 35 minutes

Luxor Temple Empowerment

LightWorker™ Luxor Temple Empowerment LW Luxor Temple Empowerment is an empowerment in a series of Egyptian Power Place Empowerments. This series of empowerments was originally inspired by Nan Fahey in the main Power Place series. Because of the numbers of power places in Egypt, we have taken the Egyptian series out of the main power place series. The Egyptian series are all inspired by the two travels in Egypt I have made with my wife Charmaine. The first one was a trip to Hurgada, where we visited Cairo and the Giza area two days and had two days around Luxor as well. The second trip we took a Nile cruise and had the second week around Luxor. So the only place we did not go - were to the Saqqara pyramid. Re-channeller in this one is Andrea “Aridanne”

$30 · 35 minutes


Erotic Empowerment is a system energy that form of field energy magnet so that give a fascination for another person towards our self. One of the important function and basic function from this magnetic field to increasing the self confidence, because self confidence is key from all hope and human success. Has less self confidence, this matter one of them caused because the weak magnetic field in self, so that felt that person at vicinity frowns upon, doesn't care, and the mortally hate it. Such ideas will give negative effect towards, littered energy body layers … So that magnetic field in self more weaker, what is there in the idea more and more happen, and automatically he is more unconvinced self.

$20 · 30 minutes


Radiation is harmful in most circumstances. Length and strength of exposure plays a factor in later health, appearance, fertility and bodily functioning. The effects of radiation may even be carried out in the next generation in some instances. Even at low levels it can destroy and break down important cells and structures like the GI tract or the blood system. This is seen oftentimes in cancer treatment. Prognosis depends on many variables and there is no guarantee of future health since the exact effects of radiation are so uncertain. Radiation Deflector Empowerment help protect you from the effects of harmful radiations, including nuclear radiation, high frequencies antennas (cell phone towers), infrared, microwaves or any electromagnetic pollution. It will help absorb radiation and protect you against Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic fields.

$35 · 30 minutes


This system will attune you with Jade Dragon energy. Besides has benefit for health, Jade Dragon energy has specifically energy to attract abundance and prosperity, good fortune, enhance the lucky. Jade Dragon also is a powerful protection for health, wealth, and the prosperity.

$22 · 30 minutes


Kanakdhara Empowerment is work to attract wealth, prosperity, financial stability, success and happiness. Attunement for this system will connecting you with the divine lights of Kanakdhara. Not only to attract of all that, Kanakdhara also will protecting your wealth, prosperity, and all of good things in your life from the evil, bad fortune, danger, and etc. Founder: Hari Andri Winsaro Distance Activation PDF Manual Included

$22 · 30 minutes


Grounding Empowerment has a strong affinity with the Earth energies, making one feel comfortable within the environment. The Grounding Empowerment is a simple energetic tool channeled to help ground and earth ones energies restoring the energy balance, preventing energy leakage, elevating the energy field. Grounding Empowerment is a powerful and useful energetic tool channeled to help : Reduce confusion and anxiety Restore the natural flow of energy, grounding and aligning the wearer with earth’s magnetic field Facilitate control and direction in life Ground spiritual energies and excess energies To make you comfortable within your surroundings Grounding during meditation allowing clarity of thought Sort out problems Transmute negative into positive energies Increase well-being and bring optimism Balance yin and yang and align meridians Facilitate control and direction in life Energize physical body. Founder: Hari Andri Winsaro Distance Activation PDF Manual Included

$15 · 20 minutes


The Celestial Golden Chi has a purpose to help us to take charge of our own life and to increase our capacity for positive change. One can experience a new, expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. Importantly, through this we are able to make choices that take us to greater heights and levels in our life. This Celestial Golden Chi will resonate with your own bio-energy field, thus your energy field will begin to resonate to the higher frequencies raising your personal bio-energy signature to new higher energy levels. When you work with this Celestial Golden Chi, your intuition greatly increases as your third eye chakra balances, energizes and opens up, that means greater psychic abilities such as remote viewing, remote sensing, remote influencing, and astral projection. When you resonate at a high vibratory rate you have a more positive.

$60 · 45 minutes

C h a k r a F l u s h E m p o w e r m e n t

The Chakra Flush is a very simple method to clear out stuck energy from the chakras. It is inspired by the Meridian Flushes, which work to flush the meridians. The Chakra Flush is easy to use and activated by simple intention. It works just as well in person or over a distance. It is an excellent complement to Reiki or any other energy healing system. The Chakra Flush is a cleansing energy. It does not energize the chakras but gently clears them of old blocks and stuck energies. By gently releasing the energetic wounds of the past, the Chakra Flush allows new positive energy to enter in. The Chakra Flush is a wonderful tool because it is simple to use, quick and effective. Benefits include: 1. Releasing of old burdens and emotional baggage. 2. Freeing up of old stuck energy to energize and enliven. 3. Flushing of energetic toxins and energy contamination.

$25 · 30 minutes

The Eternal Cosmic Christ Empowerment™

The Eternal Cosmic Christ Empowerment™ attunes you to the heart of the Eternal Cosmic Christ so that you can have a closer walk with him. A message from the Eternal Cosmic Christ channeled and published in this manual details authenticity, sharing, Divine Birthright, self worth and healing. The Eternal Cosmic Christ’s energy helps give you the courage to look within yourself and be honest with yourself about everything. Level 2 provides you with the Trans-dimensionality Positioning™ and the Ruby Heart Light™ empowerment channeled by Mariah Windsong Couture. Trans-dimensionality Positioning™ is a wonderful energy function that, when you activate it, will help you align and balance yourself across various dimensions. The beauty of this incredible energy function that the Eternal Cosmic Christ has created is that it will be perfectly calibrated for each person who activates it! Eternal Cosmic Christ ™ energy co channeled by Mariah Windsong Couture.

$25 · 30 minutes

Opulent Living Empowerment™

Opulent Living Empowerment™ is an energy, demeanor and an attitude that you embody and emanate. A person can live opulently in a small abode or a large estate. Opulent Living Empowerment increases your ability to attract into your life what you need for a healthy life. Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture Pdf included

$25 · 30 minutes

Chakra Source Attunement

The tool created with this attunement will ”upgrade” your chakra system in less than 24 hours! You will become attuned to the energy of each of the 7 chakras. If you have any leaks in your chakra system, they will be permanently repaired and sealed. It will not only improve your energy flow exceedingly, but also strengthen your healing power and your ability to pass on attunements!

$25 · 30 minutes

Allowing Abundance Attunement

The Allowing Abundance Attunement is a simple energetic healing meant to open up the recipient to letting the flow of abundance in. It works to gently clear any blocks or resistance a person might have to letting good into their lives. Sometimes, when a person is having financial issues, the problem is not that they aren't talented or capable. They may even be trying to think positively or affirm their wealth with gratitude practice. No amount of positive thinking, however, will work if a person believes they should not be happy deep down inside. We often get these feelings of unworthiness from growing up in dysfunctional family environments as well as past life issues. This attunement will not instantly solve financial problems but will empower the recipient to make better choices and move forward in their lives for increased abundance down the line. The more blocks a person has, the longer it takes, but don't give up – keep using the energy! It will make a difference

$25 · 30 minutes

Angelite Stone Energy Attunement

Angelite Stone Energy is an energy healing system that using Angelite energy to unblock energy pathways. Main benefit of this Angelite Stone energy are :  Promotes compassion and understanding  Helps in self expression and communication (most effective on the throat chakra)  Stabilize emotional body  Enhances astrological understanding  Increases telepathy & astral ability  Balancing the physical & etheric energy  Very usefull for weight control

$30 · 30 minutes

Planetary Ray Attunements 1

lanetary Ray Attunements 1 This is the first manual in a series of 2 – consisting of: 1. Planetary Ray Attunements 1 (7 attunements) 2. Planetary Ray Attunements 2 (5 attunements) 3. Galactic Ray Attunements (8 attunements) 1. First ray: power, will and purpose (red) 2. Second ray: love/wisdom (blue) 3. Third ray: active or creative intelligence (yellow) 4. Fourth ray: harmony (emerald green) 5. Fifth ray: concrete science (orange) 6. Sixth ray: abstract idealism and devotion (indigo) 7. Seventh ray: ceremonial order and magic (violet)

$30 · 30 minutes

Fire Reiki Attunement

Fire Crystal Reiki is an universal life force energy pattern that has powerful benefits to heal physical and mental diseases, clean all negative energy and negative entities and protect. The energy can sometimes feel warm or hot, flowing in your body when you activate Fire Crystal Reiki, also it is possible to feel nothing, just calm and relaxed. Founder: Hari Andri Winsaro Distance Activation PDF Manual Included

$15 · 30 minutes


It is a system which align and attune you with The 13 Crystal Skulls energy. 13 Crystal Skulls energy is a pure and powerful Divine energy. During the process of attunement perhaps you will feel frightened, smell or hear something. Don't be affraid because that is a normally reaction when you accepted this attunement. Even you don't feel anything, don't worry ... because when you have done take this attunement, you have attune with the 13 crystal skulls energy. Founder: Hari Andri Winsaro Distance Activation PDF Manual Included

$25.99 · 30 minutes

Divine Harmony Attunement 1-3

Divine Harmony Attunement 1 Divine Harmony Attunement 1 consists of the following attunements to balance mind, body and spirit; 1. Auric Protection Attunement. 2. Being Present Attunement. 3. Clarity Attunement 4. Concentration Attunement. 5. Self Confidence Healing Attunement. 6. Creativity Attunement. 7. Decisiveness Attunement. 8. Emotional Balance Attunement

$25.99 · 45 minutes


Brain Heart Connection Attunement is a beautiful energetic tool that has vibrant energy and will enhance the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart. This energy has a strong spiritual nature... that may alter your consciousness, and give you access to your soul memory... to help you with spiritual learning. It is a truly spiritual energy and a powerful aid for anyone whose spirituality is ready to reawaken. Its vibration within the third eye chakra then combines with the heart chakra... as it enhances the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart. Its vibration is powerful at the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. Centered there it encourages the mind to hear the desires of the heart.... and to understand them enough to accomplish what is needed.

$22 · 30 minutes


Fire Serpent Attunement & Activation is a strong attunement to stimulate the arousal of the kundalini energies. It is also an attunement to encourage you to make contact with the elemental beings as thee members of the Devic realm resonate with its energy. If you wish to aid the healing of the earth, its vibration of earth energy will aid you in this aim. The kundalini energy or Serpent Power or Fire Serpent is purported to reside at the base of the spine wrapped three and a half times around the sacrum until roused. Fire Serpent Attunement is known to be an extremely potent and effective attunement to use as part of the process to raise your kundalini energy. If you awaken your kundalini, you may experience a wide range of different effects. The intensity of this experience often stimulates sexual feelings as it opens new areas to create “enlightenment”.

$20 · 30 minutes

Angelic Reiki Attunements

The Archangel Metatron channelling through Kevin Core. At this time in the history of the Earth, the vibration in which the earth exists has changed. All existence is based on vibration. There is at this time on the Earth the raising of the vibration of the Earth and this is allowing the higher vibration in which the Angelic Kingdom exists to now anchor upon the Earth. In truth, this means that your consciousness is raising its vibration. Your consciousness and the consciousness of the Angelic Kingdom are therefore meeting and con joining and creating wonder upon the Earth. Angels are part of the Divine, and as such, the vibration of the Divine Mind flows through them. As your consciousness raises its vibration, you also are connecting now into the Divine Mind. The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the Hand of the Divine. Part of this knowledge, which we will give to you, is that system which is now known as Angelic Reiki. It is through this system that you will be trained.

$150 · 1 hour

Energy cleansing

Includes Chakra, Meridian And Aura cleansing.

$30 · 30 minutes

Craniosacral Care©

Practitioners who do Craniosacral bodywork move the spine and skull gently to ease the restriction of nerve passageways. The movement of the cerebrospinal fluid is increased to optimal flow and some bones are realigned. Craniosacral therapists use this technique to assist people who have neck and back pain, as well as for migraines and TMJ syndrome of the jaw. Many people report help with chronic pain and conditions such as fibromyalgia. “Cranial Osteopathy was originated by physician William Sutherland, D.O. (1873- 1954) in 1898-1900. While looking at a disarticulated skull, Sutherland was struck by the idea that the cranial sutures of the temporal bones where they meet the parietal bones were "beveled, like the gills of a fish, indicating articular mobility for a respiratory mechanism." This idea that the bones of the skull could move was contrary to North

$30 · 30 minutes

Cognitive Upgrade

Cognitive Upgrade is a delightful energy that helps your brain and mind make sense of more of the information you receive when in your spiritual journeys. It also helps you to function better here in this reality, while you are integrating spiritual downloads and divine codes of enlightenment. Lightbody Integration assists you and your physical body to activate the divine instructions you receive from beyond this reality. This may change the molecular composition of your body in such a way that enables it to make use of and literally embody more of your soul and Eternal Sacred Source. Founder: Mariah Couture Pdf included

$30 · 30 minutes

Connective Tissue Service

Connective Tissue Service Consists Of: Inflammation Reduction Ray Muscle Mender Ray Tikkun Shakti Dissolver Shakti Ethereal Fascia Massage Trigger Point Treatment Healthy Tissue Enhancement Optimal Bone Density Field with Ideal Calcium Concentration Bone Marrow Vitality Founder: Rev. Mariah ‘Windsong’ Napieralski, DD, RMT Pdf included

$45.99 · 45 minutes

Chromacolor Fire Body

Chromacolor Fire Body is comprised of chromocolored fire letters. After you've accepted your attunement, you have access to call upon this garment of chromo colored light to support your body. Fire letters are multi and inter- dimensional active communication from Eternal Sacred Source to you. This means that you will have a continuing line of communication and support between you, your soul and Eternal Sacred Source every time you wear this garment. Fire letters are often considered to be thoughts from the Divine which contain instructions for your physicality to be raised. Fire letters can be in the form of sacred language full thought forms which are not distorted by time, space or lower energies of control and perversion. In this way, your Chromacolor Fire Body can protect and uplift you always. Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture Pdf included

$25 · 30 minutes

Virus Inhibitor Field

The Virus Inhibitor Field is especially useful for health care workers who are routinely exposed to viruses through various forms of accident and airborne contact. There are many instances where people come into contact with viruses that lodge in their bloodstream. Often, they are not aware of this until their body’s defenses are compromised by stress, bacterial infection, other illness or environmental influences. Then the virus, which has been there, yet unable to make enough copies of itself to cause a person illness or damage the skin tissues or other membranes within the body, would makes prolific evidence. It is important to assist your body’s immune system to easily reduce the virus cell population by activating the Virus Inhibitor Field every 36 hours. This field makes your body and energy fields a less hospitable place for viruses to live.

$25 · 30 minutes

Wound Healer Reiki©

Attunement provides you with an upgrade of all Wound Healer Reiki energies to its level 3 strength and authorizes you to pass on all levels of Wound Healer Reiki on to another person. Master Level symbol provided. Learn the art of opening someone to Reiki who has never had an attunement! Wound Healer Reiki© channeled and manual written by: Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT July 22th, 2010 ~All Rights reserved

$25 · 30 minutes


Diamond Dolphin Vibration is a beautiful and healing vibrational of Dolphin energy. This is a vibration of joy, flow of love, flow of abundance and opening of the heart. Benefits of Diamond Dolphin Vibration : Greater self-love and self-acceptance Healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental & spiritual Deep inner peace Profound inner joy Harmonious relationships Increased connection to the natural world More freedom ; less fear in life Manifestation of your deepest heart’s desires. And many other benefits.

$15 · 25 minutes

DNA Light Integrative (4 Levels)

DNA Light Integrative is an activation process in which the dormant DNA mankind was created with is activated once again. DNA Light Integrative Attunements restores our original psychic abilities and our abilities to manifest our desires very quickly. DNA Light Integrative Attunements results in rapid spiritual evolution as all of our spiritual gifts and psychic abilities awaken one by one. With DNA Light Integrative we become genetically hardwired to be psychic. With DNA Light Integrative we develop the ability to manifest what we need. Once your DNA is

$22 · 30 minutes

Quantum Purification Healing

This powerful energy draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds while purifying and reorganizing that which is disorderly. Quantum Purification Healing Increases concentration and helps in decision-making. Quantum Purification Healing is used to purify and detoxify both the spirit and places it is about healing on all levels. Place it around computers and the workplace to reduce stress and relieve negative forces. It is very good for the cellular and nervous systems. Absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations. Quantum Purification Healing allows us to let go of everything. We can forget about all the worries and enjoy the surroundings. It helps one get out of ruts. Quantum Purification Healing is also a good physical energy healer, protecting one from infection by purifying the body, cleansing the spirit and eliminating almost any virus or bacteria. Quantum Purification Healing is effective for auric cleansing and reaching a deeper state of meditation.

$22 · 30 minutes


The Chakra Key’s system energize chakras and opens up the energy field to clear and open new inner doorways. Works on energy body from Heart Chakra to Brow Chakra and from the Crown Chakra to the highest Chakras, opening and stabalising these chakras to allow your energy body to hold and access higher frequencies. This system contains 1. Chakra Key Link Attunement. 2. Crown Chakra Clear Attunement. 3. Heart Chakra Attunement. 4. Inner Communication Attunement. 5. Body Alignment Attunement.

$30 · 30 minutes


The Chakra Key’s system energize chakras and open up the energy field to clear and open new inner doorways. Works on energy body from Heart Chakra to Brow Chakra and from the Crown Chakra to the highest Chakras, opening and stabalising these chakras to allow your energy body to hold and access higher frequencies. The Chakra Key 2 consist of : 1. Chakra & Aura Release Attunement. 2. Chakra & Aura Protection Attunement. 3. Descent of Grace Attunement. 4. Spiritual Direction Attunement. This Chakra Key 2 are more general relating more to the general aura/energy than to specific chakras.

$30 · 30 minutes

Light Concentration Increase Rays©

Verdant and Powerful, Light Concentration Increase Rays© sustain biological life with the Eternal Divine Blueprint of evolved creation. Light Concentration Increase Rays© open your body’s sentient awareness and DNA to understand Divine instruction and teach your body’s how to use certain chromo-color concentrations of Light as fuel for eternal life. Light Concentration Increase Rays© constantly increase your capacity to hold an ever more concentrated quality of Light which brings with it more assistance and unity with the Light beyond the Light of our local universe. Founder Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture

$25 · 30 minutes

Spirulina Spectrum Ray©

Spirulina Spectrum Ray© brings you 3 main benefits: 1) Increased ability for your body to use the Light beyond the light of our solar sun as food in addition to your physical food. 2) Interface Templates for your consciousness to link up with the consciousness of other Beings, increasing your access during meditation or spiritual/shamanic style journeying. Spirulina Spectrum Ray© is renowned for its access granting ‘betwix and between’ experiences known during meditation and shamanic style journeys. 3) Genetic Keys to any species originating in this Source system. In the spiritual realms during meditation or ‘journeying’ this provides ease of shape shifting. Each person’s access to shape shifting genetic key codes varies widely based on your Higher Self, Soul and Source. Spirulina Spectrum Ray© Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture Pdf included

$25 · 30 minutes


James Crume