Welcome! If you are looking for eyelash extensions you are in the right place. New to lash extensions?Here is some basic info you need to know. Eyelash extensions are individual, synthetic lashes that are applied one by one to your eyelashes. Lash extensions give instant length, thickness and curl without the daily hassle of mascara. Your eyes will be instantly lifted and more noticeable. When applied properly, lash extensions look completely natural and real even close up. The process is completely painless.A full set takes between 1.5-3 hours. All natural eyelashes are created uniquely to each person, so everyone will have their own customized finished look. You will not be able to expose your new lashes to water or steam for 24-48 hours after each appointment. On average our natural lashes shed between 3-5 lashes per day so scheduling fills every 2-3 weeks as well as proper care of your extensions will give you the best results. Please feel free to text me with any questions you may have.
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Our Services

Volume Full Set
This usually takes 2-2.5 hours for a full set. Volume lashes are created with multiple lashes hand curated into custom fans creating a more dramatic & fuller look.
Hybrid full Set
Hybrids are a combination of classic, single lashes, & volume fans,lashes are created with multiple lashes hand curated into custom fans, creating a more natural, but still fuller look.
90 Min Volume Fill
75min Volume Fill
2-3 week fill
60 Min Volume Fill
2 week fill
75 Hybrid Fill
2-3 week fill
60 Hybrid Fill
2 week fill
90 min Hybrid fill
New Client currently wearing extensions 90
For new to Wink Clients who currently have extensions on from another artist a 90min appointment is required for your first visit. This is because we are working over another artists work which sometimes requires more time
Lash Removal
Removal of lash extensions.

Our Staff

Kayla Tackett
Born & raised on the Central Coast. 9 years liscensed cosmetologist specializing in Eyelash extensions.