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Signature Anti-Aging Facial
This luxurious anti-aging facial is perfect for skin showing signs of aging, dry or sun-damaged skin to improve the appearance of skin texture, restore moisture and firmness. An enzyme peel with lactic acid booster exfoliates for optimal cell turnover to reveal healthy, hydrated skin. LED Light Therapy protects existing collagen and elastin, stimulates collagen production, promotes healing and treats inflammation. A plant based jelly mask assists in repairing environmental damage and lightens the skin while targeting signs of aging and inflammation. Includes relaxing application of lotion with essential oils for the feet. Suggested Add On Scalp Massage $15 Foot Scrub $10 Dermaplane $40
Dermaplane Add On To Facial Service
Add ON Dermaplaning to any facial
Booty Facial
A facial for the derriere, it includes a stimulating dry brush, ultrasonic glycolic and salicylic cleanse, microdermabrasion, serum and mask with vitamins A, B & E. If you have folliculitis, acne, acne scaring, hyperpigmentaion and cellulite, this is a good treatment for you. If you have keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) you will see positive results after this service. Disposable thongs are available. The derriere and backs of upper thighs or included in this service.
Microdermabrasion Quick Fix
Speed up cellular turnover and increase collagen while brightening the skin, reducing fine lines, stimulating circulation, increasing product absorption and reducing the appearance of acne and acne scaring. Includes cleanse, facial microdermabrasion, plumping peptide serum with anti-aging plant based squalane and SPF. *For best results a series of 6 can be done every 7 - 14 days.
Prom Perfect Teen Facial
This facial targets the special needs of teen skin focusing on getting skin prom ready for photos, creating a canvass for flawless makeup application, heal breakouts and prevent new ones before the big event. We start with a deep cleanse with steam, enzyme peel and gentle extractions. High frequency is used to kill acne causing bacteria down deep in the skin, a charcoal clay mask is applied to clarify and purify the skin while reducing the appearance of pores. Blue and Red LED Light Therapy will assist in killing acne causing bacteria and speed up the healing process of blemishes and lighten scars. Finish with a light application of brightening and healing serum with SPF. Comes with a take home sample goodie bag and mask to do the day of the prom at home.
Hand and Arm Massage Add On
Relaxing arm and hand massage with hydrating lotion
Brazillian Wax Women’s
Be My Valentine Facial
Treat yourself or your honey to this luxurious facial full of chocolate, champagne, roses and strawberries. Start your day by arriving a few minutes early to unwind and enjoy a glass of bubbly or sparkling water with a strawberry treat while you relax in our waiting area. Then slip in between the lavender scented sheets and get ready for pure relaxation. This facial includes a deep cleanse, brightening enzyme peel, facial and neck massage, decadent dark chocolate facial treatment, soothing rose contour mask, champagne lip treatment, intoxicating white chocolate strawberry foot scrub and foot massage with steamed towels, finished with a hydrating plumping serum and rose moisturizer. 60 min $90 (value $110)
Not sure what facial service is right for you? Come in for a consult. $20 fee will be credited toward booked service.
Keratin Lash Lift
What's better than a lash lift? A lash lift with a keratin infusion treatment to not only curl and lift but strengthen, increase lash volume by 40%, encourage growth, health of lash and lasts 8 weeks with plant based keratin and of course cruelty free and vegan friendly. This service does not include tint.
Needle Free Filler Facial
This Poly-L-Lactic facial is the most requested and popular facial for those looking for needle free immediate results. This facial can erase years off your face revealing more radiance, improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin tone and texture all while stimulating your body's own production of collagen. Results of one facial will last approximately five weeks. A series of five facials will last approximately 5 months. If you're looking for dramatic age-defying immediate results, this is the facial for you! This treatment includes deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, facial massage, relaxing foot treatment and 30 minute LED treatment. This service is great for clients with fine/deep lines, hyperpigmentation and even sensitive skin.
Red Carpet Ready Facial
This Poly-L-Lactic treatment includes everything in the Needle Free Filler Facial, plus gentle dermaplaning to remove dead skin cells and vellus for optimal product penetration and an oxygen peptide mask to assist in collagen production.. This is the perfect service to look your best for wedding photos or a class reunion.
Microneedling Facial
Microneedling has been shown to reduce the visibility of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, diminish hyper-pigmentation and improve skin tone and texture, resulting in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin. This is a very safe procedure with results that are noticeable after the 1st treatment and last for over a year in most cases. Microneedling can be done in a series of 3 – 5 treatments every 4 - 6 weeks. Treatment includes cleansing, numbing session and LED Light Therapy. Suggested Add On Foot Treatment $15 Foot Scrub $10 Jelly Mask $10 Enzyme Peel $15 Dermaplane $40
Dermaplane Facial
Dermaplaning is an anti-aging procedure using a precision tool to remove dead skin cells and fine vellus facial hair revealing softer, more radiant skin. This treatment encourages cellular turnover and increased product penetration with immediate results and no downtime. Includes simple cleanse, soothing mask, hydrating serum, moisturizer and SPF . Safe for skin that may lean toward sensitive, not suitable for skin with active breakouts. Suggested Add On Jelly Mask $10 Foot Treatment $15
Classic Facial
Schedule your monthly Beauty Nap with this customized relaxing and rejuvenating facial suitable for all skin types; Includes a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, gentle extractions, facial massage and a mask for your skin type. You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and so relaxed. Great maintenance facial. Suggested Add On Foot Treatment $15 Foot Scrub $10
Clear Skin Acne Facial
A deep pore cleansing facial for problematic and acne prone skin that will help heal blemishes and prevent future breakouts. Extra time is given for extractions. High frequency and a cherry salicylic peel is used to kill breakout causing bacteria within the skin and encourage healing of current breakouts. LED Light Therapy is used to calm, heal and treat inflammation. A strawberry peppermint clay mask will sooth and encourage clear skin while you enjoy a relaxing application of lotion with essential oils for the feet.
Gentlemen's Bourbon Facial
A warming and relaxing bourbon enzyme is paired with a charcoal cleanser and mask to clear and soften hair follicles. Steamed towels, deep pore cleansing, gentle extractions and clay facial mask make the perfect recipe for this Old Fashion Facial. Suggested Add On Foot Treatment $15 Scalp Massage $15 Foot Scrub $10
LED Facial
Enjoy the benefits of LED Light Therapy with a mini-facial service; cleansing with steam, collagen stimulating facial massage and finish with SPF and moisturizer. Suggested Add On Jelly Mask for$10 Foot Massage $15
Chocolate Mint Facial
Relax and enjoy scents and healing properties of pomegranate, dark chocolate and peppermint. This decadent facial includes an anti-aging pomegranate deep cleanse with steam, a collagen stimulating facial, neck and decollete massage, a brightening and exfoliating pomegranate, apple and black currant enzyme peel, a peppermint foot massage with warm towels while you drift off to sleep in a, hydrating dark chocolate mint mask, finish with a caffeine eye serum, plumping HA serum and a luxurious acai moisturizer.
LED Light Therapy
Clinically shown to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, LED light therapy is a safe and relaxing anti-aging face treatment. Benefits of LED light therapy include: Increased circulation and lymphatic drainage Increased production of collagen and elastin Wound healing, damaged skin repair Reduced appearance of pores Reduction in fine lines and wrinkle depth Treats Inflammatory Increased blood, oxygen and nutrient circulation in skin Suggested Add On Foot Treatment $15
Facial Peel
After cleansing and a skin analysis; a Lactic, Glycolic or Salicylic will be selected for your skin type to address hyperpigmentaion, fine lines, scars, breakouts, dull skin and dryness. Results will focus on hydration, even skin tone, scar and fine line softening, reducing and healing breakouts to reveal brighter more radiant skin. For best results peels should be done in a series of 5 every 7 - 14 days.
Express Facial
This facial includes cleansing with steam, gentle enzyme exfoliation, facial massage, customized mask with eye treatment, moi​sturizer and SPF. Suggested Add On Jelly Mask $10 Foot Massage $15
Foot Massage Add On
Add this to any service. Feet are wrapped in steamed towels soaked in essential oils, a rich hydrating cream is applied and massaged to relieve and rejuvenate tired feet.
Hydrating Jelly Mask
Each mask is mixed just prior to application and covers the skin completely providing extra hydration and instant cool and soothing effects creating a silky soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin to push hydration and nourishing ingredients deep into the skin.
Foot Scrub
Scrub made from sugar and an essential oil blend to soothe rough tired feet.
Scalp Massage
Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Lash Tint
What's better than a lash lift? A lash lift with a keratin infusion treatment to not only curl and lift but strengthen, increase lash volume by 40%, encourage growth, health of lash and lasts 8 weeks with plant based keratin and of course cruelty free and vegan friendly. Includes deep black lash tint.
Lash Tint
Vegetable based dye safe for delicate eye area and lasts 4 - 6 weeks, no need for mascara. Can be added to Lash Lift.
Brow Tint
Vegetable based dye safe for delicate eye area and lasts 4 - 6 weeks.
Lash and Brow Tint
Vegetable based dye safe for delicate eye area and lasts 4 - 6 weeks.
Brow Wax
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Facial Cheeks Wax
French Bikini
One inch in from bikini line
Under Arm Wax
Back Wax
Moderate Bikini
Full Arm Wax
Half Arm Wax
Full Leg Wax
Half Leg Wax
Shoulder Wax
Body Micr​oneedling Treatment
Microneedling can be done on any area of skin that needs to be repaired, particularly areas that display stretch marks or acne scars.. As few as four to six sessions could make a difference in these problem areas. Treatment includes numbing session, HA Serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and speeding up wound healing. Depending on the size of the area $50 - $200 per session. Consults are always free. Suggested Add On Foot Treatment $15 Foot Scrub $10
Silhouette Slimming Body Treatment
Slim and trim 4-14 inches with this 60-minute, detoxifying treatment. Blended with cellulite-busting niacin, circulation-inducing cinnamon, and deeply-nourishing aloe, contour will give nothing but confidence-building results - no matter the angle.

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