PLEASE read the following before booking!!! ----- I will be sending out texts when you can go online and book. PLEASE do not try to book before you receive the text, I will decline it. ----- Also, the first appointment... It will be for GEL POLISH ONLY! No length, no art, no removal. If you need any of these things done, do not book an appointment!!! Text me and LET ME KNOW what you got going on. I’m trying to be fair and get as many of you in as I can to get you all by. After that, we can perform your normal appointments. I’m not going to rush you through, you’ll still get a great gel mani, just no frills! ----- And another thing... there will be a new process to the service, so, please come in (after you’ve been given the ok to do so), sit your belongings in the nail room, wash your hands, come back, we’ll discuss colors (DO NOT TOUCH THEM, please allow me to), and then I will start your service. NO CELL PHONES! Hopefully this is only temporary. But with the virus, I can not risk cross contamination. You will also be required to wear a mask.

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Gel Polish Manicure

• Your choice of 1-2 Soak-Off Gel Polish Colors applied over natural, bare nails

$25 · 1 hour

Sculpt Extension (Short)

• Includes your choice of 1-2 Gel Polish Colors

$50 · 2 hours


Lindsay Zuber