Hello, We are offering an increased number of hours for all of our clients as well as newcomers to Therapy Matters. Our staff has been trained to offer video sessions in a manner that is as close to being right in the office with the therapist as possible. We have created a seamless process by which you can join simply by opening your email. For those less comfortable with video sessions, we are also offering phone sessions at this time as well. Simply schedule an appointment and we will connect with you and take care of the rest. Therapy Matters seeks to make at least this process easy during such hard times.

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INTAKE (First Appointment)

First time client appointment

1 hour

DBT Group Intake

$15 · 30 minutes

45 Minute Session

45 minute psychotherapy session individual

45 minutes

55 Minute Session

Psychotherapy Session Individual

1 hour

80 minute Session

1 hour 20 minutes

Couples Session 75 min

1 hour 15 minutes

Couples Session 55 min

1 hour


30 minutes

Introduction to Nature Based Girls Group

Free · 20 minutes

Alexandria Mezyad $75-$125


Brooke Shaffer $65-$110


Charlotte Irving $60 to $110
Colleen Todd