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Located in the heart of Downtown Boulder on Browdway and Spruce, next to Hotel Boulderado.
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Our Services

Long Haircut (below the ears)
Signature haircut in a length below the ears or longer. Includes consultation, haircut, style, dry cutting, detailing and at-home recommend products and styling.
Cashmere Fushion Treatment
Crystal Serum Treatment
Cashmere Fusion Full Treatment
Holiday Hair Style
Short Haircut (above the ears)
Short haircuts given above the ears. Includes consultation, haircut with scissors, razor and clippers, rinse and style with product (no blow-dry)
Kids Cut (12 and under)
In person or on the phone consultation for major hair changes, hair extensions or weddings.
Wash and Blow Dry
Hair wash, head massage and a round brush style blow dry
Root Retouch
Full Color (one color)
One hair color from roots to ends
Highlight or lowlight
Color blending or brightening in foils. A full head or partial head, your stylist will help you decide what is best for your hair, the way you style and how often you’d like to get it colored. Olaplex, toners and gloss may be added at your appointment if you and your stylist decide it is best to achieve your desired look.
Partial Balyage
Sun-kissed pieces around your face and around where you naturally wear your head (either a part or hair up). Olaplex, toners and gloss may be added at your appointment if you and your stylist decide it is best to achieve your desired look.
Full Balyage Color
Full balayage color for a blended, brightening or softening look with easier grow out and a more lived in color. B3, toners and gloss may be added at your appointment if you and your stylist decide it is best to achieve your desired look.
Full Color Multiple Colors and Techniques
That Pinterest Perfect hair comes from layers of hair color and varieties of techniques. Let our artists create the look for you without having to pick and choose services alacart. This all-inclusive option allows your artist to personalize your hair color with various techniques of balayage, foliage, highlighting, low lighting, root shadowing, color melting and toners. *Additional color charge of $15 per color mixed may apply if color needs to be applied additional times or if more color is added due to length, thickness or hair extensions. *This service does not include B3. If lifting more than 2 color levels, your artist will require you to purchase B3 color strengthener for an additional $30 for initial application.
Brazilian Blowout
If your hair is wavy, the Brazilian Blowout will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, it will minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of the natural wave/curl. If you have straight, frizzy hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and promote radiant shine. This treatment lasts up to 3 months and is best to do right after color to really lock-in and protect your color. This treatment simnifically decreases blowdrying and air drying time while making the hair easier to style. This is especially great if you are going on a vacation or if you really want to minimize the time you spend on your hair each day.
Toner or Gloss
Need to get the yellow out? Need add more red? Need to shine up, darken or make your hair look shiny and healthy? This is the service for you!
Bang Trim
Barbering Face Shave
A relaxing straight razor shave with hot lather, hot towels and shave oil in our vintage barber chair. 
Beard trim
Neck trim
Hair Extensions Full Set (installation)
If you have already had a consultation on color and are in the process of having your custom hair extensions made for you by an Ember Stylist, this option is for you. Please arrive with clean, dry hair. This appointment includes customization of head placement and full application of hair. Also includes a haircut of hair extensions, a hair style and a 2 week follow I’ll appointment.
Partial Extension Install
For volume or fillers or hair color sections or pieces (less than 5 wefts). Must have consultation prior and have paid for hair before booking. Arrive with clean, dry hair. Appointment includes 2 week check up and haircut/styling of hair extensions.
Hair Extensions Tightening (on clean, dry hair)
You must be an existing client and have an application of Extensions made for you especially by Ember. Please arrive with clean, dry hair.
Hair Extension Tightening with b3e Ionic Extension Cleanser + Blow-dry
Tightening + wash and blow-dry to extend the life of your extensions. Ionic Extension Cleanser is formulated to thoroughly prepare extensions for re-installment. This sulfate-free and oxide free cleansing agent will remove build up and micro-residue that you can't see or feel. Breakthrough bond building technology dramatically improves hair strength and increases the life of the extensions.
Hair Extension Removal
Removal of hair extensions that we have put in can be booked online. If you have received extensions elsewhere and you would like us to remove them, please book a consultation appointment first to make sure that we have the product and tools for removal. This appointment includes a wash a style and is reserved at an hourly rate. If Ember Hair Extensions were applied and with proper care and maintenance, it should only take 1 hour to remove. If removal exceeds 1 hour, you will be charged $50 in 1/2 hour increments.
ADD ON: Mini Highlight
This is a great service if you need a little "pick me up" or if you need to get through to your next full color. Maybe you have a trip coming up, family photo or you just need a little brighting and blending! *This service is meant to be added on to a haircut, root re-touch or wash and blow-dry service. You must book another service to reserve this appointment.
ADD ON: Toner or Gloss
Need to get the yellow out? Need add more red? Need to shine up, darken or make your hair look shiny and healthy? This is the service for you! Added on to any other service. *This service is meant to be added on to a haircut, root re-touch or wash and blow-dry service. You must book another service to reserve this appointment.
ADD ON Root Smudge (Shadow Root)
Color added to root area to blend gray, blend highlights or soften color for an easier grow out
Need that extra "insurance" for your hair to know that your hair will stay strong and healthy thorough any hair color process? If you highlight, bleach or lighten your hair, then this add on is for you! We add this product into your hair color and it keeps your hair strong while the color breaks it down. The end result is healthy, manageable hair that is lightened and colored bright. *This service is meant to be added on to a hair color service.
ADD ON: Deep Conditioning and Aromatherapy Head Massage
Want a little extra time at the shampoo bowl? Treat yourself to a relaxing head massage and hair mask. Options for aromatherapy: Lavender: Relaxing Tea Tree: Scalp Healing Peppermint: Refreshing and great for headaches or stress Orange: Energizing *This service is meant to be added on to a haircut, root re-touch or wash and blow-dry service. You must book another service to reserve this appointment.
ADD ON Color Melt
Multiple colors or tones added to hair after it is pre-lightened through balayage to soften color, and/or blend gray or natural hair and have an easier grow out.
ADD ON Blonde in 60 Sec
Freshen up your blonde/bronde/brown hair to get rid of brassy tones with UNITE’s in-salon treatment of their full BLONDA line! No bleach. No color. No toner. Just an in-salon treatment to brighten your already existing color.
Add on to any service. Mojave Rain is a moisturizing enhancer that is designed for dry, thirsty hair. Protect and soften strands with our in-shower moisturizing treatment designed to deliver intense hydration. Mojave Rain quenches the hair's thirst leaving your client's hair feeling instantly revitalized and rejuvenated.
Mended Sea is a strengthening enhancer that is designed for weak, damaged hair. Restore weak strands with our reparative treatment to strengthen hair from the inside out. Mended Sea aids in preventing split ends, strengthens hair fibers and stimulates the hair follicle for healthy, beautiful hair.
Add on to any service. Static Silk is a smoothing enhancer that is designed for frizzy, unruly hair. Tame and defrizz locks from the stresses of life. Defend against frizz with our calming treatment to magically turn hair into silk. Static Silk helps smooth strands, calm frizz, cool the scalp, add incredible shine and tame stressed tresses - resulting in the silkiest hair imaginable.
Full Face Make-up (airbrush)
For a night out, photos or just because you deserve to be pampered and feel amazing. This option includes whatever is best to achieve the look you are going from. From airbrush, to lashes, lips and contour, your artist will design what you desire for yourself.
Portrait Hair and Make-up
Before a photo session with a photographer, we will spruce up your hair and make-up. This does not include a wash and blow-dry. We will style on clean, dry hair and apply make-up for a photo-finish look.
"Make Your Pinterest Board Come to Life"
Learn to style your hair just like the photos you are inspired by. This is a hands on appointment where your stylist will teach you how to curl, braid, twist or put your hair up. Arrive with clean, dry hair. You can send the link to your Pinterest Board in the "comment area" when booking appointment so your stylist can get to know your style ahead of time. Appointment includes demo and hands on of 3 quick styles, a goodie bag, and a few photos to use on your own Instagram. Interested in attending this service with friends? This service is also available as a private class. Contact through email or website to reserve the space.

Our Staff

Amber N
Amber is our Lead hair and make-up artists on the Ember Hairstream Beauty Team. She has worked with Jamie and Ember Hairstream since The Ember Hairstream started. Amber is a natural born hairstylist and artist. Her vision and skill comes from her love of hair, make-up and beauty. She has a true vision for each person that sits in her chair with honest opinions and the skill to get you to where you want to be in your beauty quest. Reserve your time with Amber and watch her work her magic!
Jamie Nelson
Jamie specializes in balayge, hair extensions, full hair make-overs, wedding hair and barbering. If you have been desiring a change and need the guidance to help you create your dream hair, schedule a consultation with Jamie and she will make a customize plan for you.
Mimis specialties are balayage, brazilian blowouts, haircuts and adding body and texture into the hair for a soft natural style. She has loads of new ideas and a fresh, fun outlook on life, hair and make-up. She's eager to help you be your best self. "Balayage and color melt is my jam!" - Mimi
Zoie specializes in balayage, color melts, vivids, and men's & women's haircutting. When you sit in her chair, she is sure to show you how beautiful you are inside and out. She loves sharing the joys and struggles of life with her clients. Zoie is very active and can teach you easy everyday hairstyles to accommodate your lifestyle. Book with Zoie to treat yourself and she will do the rest. "Always do what your passionate about and love people while you do it!" ~ Zoie

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