Canine Behavior Solutions and Obedience

Behavior plans and hands on guidance designed to help your dogs through training. We specialize in dogs with behavioral issues, fear, anxiety, aggressive and reactivity. Boarding, boarding and training, and in home training available. Please review our website for all policies and training contract. Once consultation is done and package is purchased, behavior plan is written. Package purchases are nonrefundable.
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Our Services

Phone Call
Call to find out about our services.
Initial Consultation
Initial two hour consultation used in conjunction with New client intake form to help form a plan to tackle your dogs issues and design the training you need.
Prepaid Consultation
Behavioral Consultation
3 hour initial consultation for aggressive, fearful, reactive or anxious dogs. Done in conjunction with the New client intake form to build a Behavior plan to help tackle what is causing the issues in the first place as well as contacting your dog's vet after the appointment to help achieve a more complete approach to behavioral health. Be prepared to give as much information as possible to help get to the root of your issues. Custom management plans will be put in place to help deal with or lessen the severity of the dog's issues.
Board and train pick up prepaid
Pick up for your pup for boarding and training make sure to have all your items for your pup. Food in a sealed plastic container with their name on it, 2 Kongs one size larger than your pups weight with their name written in sharpie, a 2.2lbs bag of Ziwipeak dog food and enough cans of Natural balance sweet potato and venison for the duration of the stay. dogs under 40 lbs need to provide 1 can per day, over 2 cans. We meet you halfway and provide a half of the cans needed, but keep in mind your dog will go through 2-4 cans a day on average and you only provide half. Don't forget to have your signed contract ready!
Ninety minute Initial Management appointment after Consultation
These are designed to help manage problem behaviors and answer questions before regular hourly sessions. Two must be done before hourly sessions can begin unless otherwise notified.
One hour Training Session (non behavioral clients)
Hourly training sessions that begin after the consultation and Initial Management appointments. These are for those clients taking Basic or Advanced Puppy or Adult only. Each session focuses on a behavior that will help build better behavior in your dog.
Prepaid One hour training session
Prepaid Clients only! The one hour training session following your two initial management appointments.
Boarding pick up
Pick up for boarding
Board and train drop off
Boarding and training end of session drop off and 3 hour lesson
Boarding drop off
Drop off from regular boarding, does not apply to board and train.
Bath during boarding
Bath for your pup along with nail trim before coming home. Can only be scheduled during the boarding time.
Initial Management appointment prepaid
For those with prepaid packages, and prepaid appointments only! The one and a half hour session following out consultation.
Video Consultation
Consultation via skype or facebook.

Our Staff

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