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Tadesse Law LLC. is a law firm that focuses on business, tax, and mediation services. We also focus on providing clients with reasonable fees by offering tailored legal packages and specific scope representation.
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Our Services

Good for a quick question to figure out if you have a legal issue or if we can help.
Consultation- Light
This is a good option if you would like more in depth answers regarding a legal question, legal processes, fee breakdowns, etc.
Consultation- Heavy
This is a good option if you want the attorney to go through documents and get a full assessment of your business or tax issue.
Uncontested Divorce Document Review
Attorney will review divorce package and explain process and legal language in documents to complete divorce. Divorce package will be picked up from local court by client if not found online.
Uncontested Divorce- Full Package
Attorney will assembled a divorce package tailored to your needs, will file all documents, and make all correspondence to the court on your behalf. *Initial 20 minutes phone consultation to start process*
Business Formation
To complete the formation of your business such as an LLC, SCORP, Nonprofit, etc. Starts with a 20 minute consultation
Contract Review
Attorney will review contract and follow up with a phone review so that you are aware of all obligations and responsibilities of each party
Offer in Compromise
If you are looking to offer a sum lower than taxes owed to IRS then the attorney assists, will assemble and submit offer to the IRS on your behalf. *Starts with 20 minute consultation*
Installment Agreement- IRS
If you want to come up with an installment agreement with the IRS and the attorney submit the plan to the IRS on your behalf. *Initial 20 minutes phone consultation to start process*
If you would like to trademark your business name, image, etc. *Initial 20 minutes phone consultation to start process*

Our Staff

Meron Tadesse