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Home Theater Installation

Mount one TV, between 19" - 86" in size •Configure any necessary peripheral devices •Connect all necessary video and basic audio components **Additional charges may be required.

Call Us · 2 hours

Computer Repair

– Computer does not turn on or blue screens. – Keyboard or mouse not operational – Computer does not see the network (no internet) – There are extraneous noises coming from the system – Operating system not loading – Computer periodically reboots or hangs – Computer falls in the “blue screen of death” – Has ceased to find a hard disk – USB devices are not working properly – Computer does not display the image on the monitor – Computer is slow to load or slow – Programs are not loading

Price varies · 2 hours

Virus and Spyware removal

Today the Virus and Spyware Removal have become a major element of computer security. The number of computer viruses ten years ago was measured in tens, and today – tens of thousands. Gradually they cover all-new spaces: at first viruses spread on floppy disks, and now the main source of infection of the computer is the Internet, where users download infected programs or simply open sites with malicious code.

Price varies · 2 hours

Network Installation

Price Varies · 2 hours

Phone & Tablet Repair

• Delayed response • Screen patches • Color quality • Cracks • Touch malfunction

Price varies · 1 hour

Gaming PC Build

You are in control of every aspect of the build; you can choose every component of the PC, all the way from the case, to the graphics cards, to the RAM. Choose your budget and choose your build.

Price varies · 2 hours

Home Security and Alarms Install

2 hours

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