Lessons with Coach Matt!

Coach Matt Milhoan has been training martial arts, tumbling, and tricking for over 10 years and teaching for about the same. In 2017, Matt opened NeoMotion Academy in Avon Lake, Ohio to continue his passion for teaching. Lesson spots fill quickly - book today!
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Our Services

30m Lesson
30-minute lesson. Great for fixing troublesome skills and those looking for rapid progress. Book a 4-pack for a discount!
60m Lesson
60-minute lesson. Great for troublesome skills and those looking for rapid progress. Book a 4 pack for a discount!

Our Staff

Matt Milhoan
Matt began his movement journey with taekwondo when he was 10. By 14, he was on the payroll and leading classes from kids to adults. Around the same time, he discovered a form of movement new to him called Tricking, which combined his love for martial arts with his love for running, jumping, and flipping. Matt began by teaching private lessons to local students and slowly but surely built his client base. In 2017, Matt quit his other jobs to pursue coaching full time with the opening of his own studio space in Avon Lake and thus - the NeoMOTION Academy was born. Home to more than 75 regular students, Matt continues his coaching practices and enjoys producing digital media when he's not traveling all over the country for coaching related work!
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