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Hicunni, Mind Body Eating Coach presents *The Nutrition Formula — a mind-body-food approach to nutrition.

To influence women in business to see that nutrition is more than what you eat and the weight that you carry.

NOTE: These are my exclusive 1 on 1 Packages and Sessions. If you are looking for group coaching, you can find out about my signature Group Coaching Community here:

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Our Services

Discovery Call
Do you love your body? Book your Discovery Call today. This is your opportunity for us to connect, learn, discuss your needs, and jump start a strategy to move you forward to your next step. Let's get started. Thank you!
Strategy Session
You've had your Discovery Call to gain clarity on your goals. This Strategy Session is all about integration and execution. You will be given the tools and techniques to map out a specific blueprint to create the life that you want. Thank you!
Accountability Calls
(4) 15 minute sessions* Accountability...make it count! What is your next step? What is the next end goal in mind to continue to create the life that you want? Let's stay connected with Accountability Calls to follow-up on getting results to continue your transformation. Thank you! *subsequent calls booked during our time together.
Your Career As A Mind Body Eating Coach_Consultation
I would love to share with you how to get your own certification. How do I know? I am a Mind Body Eating Coach and I also am contracted with the Institute where I obtained my certification. Don't want to chat?You can go ahead and learn more here:
3 and 6 Month Packages
My signature 3 and 6 month Packages is by application approval only. Book a time to chat to see if we are a great fit.

Our Staff

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