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Hicunni, Mind Body Eating Coach presents The Nutrition Formula — a mind-body-food approach to nutrition.
To influence women in business to see that nutrition is more than what you eat and the weight that you carry.
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Your Career As A Mind Body Eating Coach_Consultation
I would love to share with you how to get your own certification. How do I know? I am a Mind Body Eating Coach and I also am contracted with the Institute where I obtained my certification. Don't want to can go ahead and learn more here:
The Nutrition Formula Lifestyle Hack
1 on 1 Transformation Mind - Body- Food *Discovery Call (30 min) *Strategy Session (60 min) *Accountability Calls (4, 15 min each) ~Results~ This program will help you: +Get to the root cause of eating challenge +Find clarity for what truly nourishes your body +Feel Vibrant +Transition out of your limiting beliefs +Implement a strategy to have a breakthrough with your food and body once and for all +Create a customized Freedom Food and Body toolkit without punishing restrictions +Gain accountability to keep moving forward ***For a long term lifestyle experience...ask me about the 90 Day Lifestyle Upgrade ;)
90 Day Lifestyle Upgrade
Powered by The Nutrition Formula: Your Ultimate Experience. 90 day 1 on 1 experience with Me: ***SPACE IS LIMITED*** A Lifestyle Upgrade with Food and Body ~Does your lifestyle need an upgrade? ~Results~ This program will help you: +Secret #1: Change your mind change your life +Secret #2: Feel confident in your body +Secret #3: Find Food Freedom to Eat Without Punishing Restrictions ***Thrive in Your Business ***Gain Accountability to Keep Moving Forward ✨Space is limited and you will not see this offer again!✨ ***Are you ready to reclaim your power with food and body? ***Email: hicunni@hicunnichandler or call: 864.688.9277 to see if you would be a great fit.

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