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Individual Tax Prep Fee

Dependents, Self Employment, Multiple Deductions, ETC

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Business Tax Prep Fee


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8 Hour Complete Business Start Up Course

This is a live virtual course. You can use a mobile device however to be completely successful I advise a quiet area alone, and away from all distractions, a desktop computer, a headset, a notebook, a pen and access to a printer(optional) After your payment has been secured for your enrollment you will recieve an outline of class instructions to your email. Be sure to provide your email address that is easy accessiblable to ensure you recieve all important information. The day of class you will recieve the link to join our online session. It will prompt you to download the applicaton. In the email you will also recieve a MEETING # & PASSWORD After the download you will be able to access meeting easier for future meetings as well. Once in the meeting you will be prompted to Enter your name. You will have the option to show your video (live) or hide it in meeting. You will also will want to JOIN AUDIO either using computer speakers/mic or you can call in to use a cell or landline. We willl meet in a onl

8 hours 30 minutes

Career Development Assessment

Get Assistance with finding work Comes with resume creation

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