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Tarot readings are ideal for when you wish to obtain guidance and/or direction with respect to a particular facet in your life, current situation, et cetera. Tarot readings are also beneficial for when you have questions to which you are seeking the answers.

Our Principal Diviner connects intuitively, not just to the tarot deck itself, but to you, the querent, during the reading in order to provide you with meaningful insight, as well as advice on how to move forward.
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Our Services

Free-Cast Tarot Reading Seasonal Special
The style of the reading is free-form, your tarot reading can consist of a spread that is anywhere between three to seven cards. This style generally allows for a more free-flowing interpretation. In such a reading, each card drawn adds more depth, or layers of meaning. As such, each card represents a piece of the overall puzzle and equally contributes to finding the answer that the querent is seeking. The duration of the reading can be anywhere from 30 minutes up to 45 minutes.
Tarot I
One Card Reading - Ideal for obtaining a lesson of the day or for a specific question (i.e. yes/no questions).
Tarot II
Two Card Spread - Two cards can serve the same purpose as a single card reading. However, the second card can potentially serve as a qualifier, or provide further clarification and insight. A second card adds more depth to the reading. Ideal for those who have a specific question in mind.
Tarot III
Three Card Spread - Three card readings are great for a number of things, such as past/present/future readings, career-based readings, relationship readings, et cetera. A three card spread allows the reader to delve deeper into the querent's current situation with respect to providing insight and potential solutions.
Tarot IV
Four Card Spread - General or Seasonal Reading. For a seasonal reading, each card drawn will represent the overall focus or theme for a particular season for the year to come, i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
Tarot V
This reading consists of a five card spread that allows the reader to really delve into the Querent's issue or situation. The reader will be better able to understand the current circumstances, as well as what may have contributed to them. It provides the reader with the means to conduct a more in-depth analysis and offer clearer advice. The reading is tailored specifically for the Querent.
Tarot X
Ten Card Spread - The spread used for this reading is the Celtic Cross. The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread allows the reader to really analyze the querent's current situation. The reader not only interprets each card in their respective position, but also ties the cards together for a true comprehensive reading. During the reading, the reader analyzes how each card connects to the others in the spread and thoroughly studies the dynamics between the cards.

Our Staff

Tora Athene
I am the Principal Diviner for Pagan Muses. As a Diviner, and a Consultant, I strive to provide helpful insight and advice to those who are seeking guidance and direction through my intuitive and personalized tarot readings.