Sarah Prentice Hair

I am a Portland based hair stylist specializing in natural curl cutting. I enjoy thoughtful conversation, and making wearable looks for my clients that compliment their lifestyle and natural beauty.
I use ammonia free, gluten free, ppd free, resorcinol free hair color by O&M with a focus on lived in looks that are easy to maintain and creative solutions for grey coverage.
Beginning July 2019 I am working at Salon Âme Thursday-Saturday, every third week.
*My workspace is up a flight of stairs in the salon, if you cannot climb stairs please let me know upon booking so that I can arrange to work from an accessible space for you.
9:30 AM - 8:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Our Services

*New Client/Major change Hair Cut
This service has extra time allowed for an in depth consultation.
*Hair Cut
Includes brief consultation, shampoo and styling. Please add *Extra time for haircut if you have very long and thick hair or choose *Major change haircut if you are wanting a big transformation.
*Extra time for haircut
Add this service to a hair cut to allow for extra time if you have long/thick hair. For big changes to your style, please book instead "New Client/Majorchange Hair Cut"
*Add hair cut to color
All over color, retouch with gloss/pull through, grey integration.
*Simple Retouch
single color retouch within 6 weeks of last color application. Please book *extra time/product for long thick hair color if you have very thick hair.
*Extra time/product for long thick hair color/highlight
Please add to any color service if you have very thick or extremely long hair - email me for consultation if you are unsure
*Simple foils
10 foils or less. Email me if you are unsure what service to book.
*Heavy foils
Highlighting throughout entire head of hair.
*Add base color to foils
For grey coverage between highlights or to change tone of natural color.
*Gloss/Toner for highlights
Add on to other services or book alone to refresh tone on Balayage - no blow dry included.
*Balayage Hair painting
Please email for consultation before booking
*Balayage Retouch
Please add extra time for long/thick hair color if needed - email me with questions if you are unsure what to book.

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