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Our Services

New client fill
If you’ve lashes on from another lash artist but need a fill this is the service for you! Longer appointment includes consultation to ensure favorable results must have at minimum of 20 lashes per eye to be considered a fill
Hybrid full set
a blend of both classic and volume techniques
Volume full set
Ultra fine Eyelash Extensions applied in a fan to the natural lash for a fuller look
Classic full set
A beautiful basic set of Eyelash Extensions. Individual lash extensions are applied to each of your own natural lashes. A look that adds drama to the eyes and eliminates the need to apply mascara!
volume 1 hr fill
Touch Up Recommended every two weeks
volume 1 hr 15 min fill
hybrid 1 hour fill
Recommended every 2 weeks
hybrid 1 hr 15
Classic 1 hr Fill
Refresh your classic lashes recommended every 2 weeks
Classic 1 hr 15 fill
Removal (non current client )
Removal of current eyelash extensions
Free 20 min Consultation
We can sit and talk about client expectations and answer questions client may have
Add on hydrating Lip Mask
dry dehydrated lips are a pain. Add on this Organic all natural hydrating coconut mask to reduce fine lines, soften and hydrate your lips for a kissable pout. The mask is applied during your appointment for the ultimate treatment.
Beginner Classic Lash Course ( must be licensed esthetician or Cosmo)
I have developed a comprehensive hands-on workshop that will give you the skills and confidence to apply lashes professionally and with precision. Helping you to build a strong foundation leading to a successful career in the eyelash extension's growing industry private 1:1 training with certification. Call for more info
Advanced Volume Lash Course ( Must be a licensed esthetician or Cosmo)
Volume is the most advanced lashing technique originated in Russia. It is the art of creating handmade fans from multiple extensions. This course is for lash artists who have mastered the fundamentals of classic lashing. You will be asked to submit photos of your work. This is for lash artist who are looking to take their skills to the next level and offer the fuller, fluffy & dramatic lashes. In this course you will have a 2 Day hands on work shop one on one with your trainer. This advanced course is tailored to your skill set to ensure you get the most out of our time together. Call for more info
Brow Thredding
Clean up unwanted hair and add definition to your brows! The perfect pairing for a lash service
Brow shaping
A longer appointment ideal for someone who hasn’t had their brows done in a while and looking to have them reshaped

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