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Software application integration - Assessment

Let us Integrate your web stack, automate your processes, and start innovating the process of bringing your resources together from one application to another.

Starting at $75 · 1 hour

Software application integration - Setup and Service

In-house or remote setup of Integration and automation of your processes. Setup and service time is based upon complexity of issues encountered and resolved. Maximum hours allotted for service is 12 hours at a rate of 3-4 hours per day 5 day maximum.

Starting at $65 · 12 hours

Business Plan Development

Prepare spa formal document detailing the goals your business will have. It will also include why these goals are attainable and how they will be met. Your business plan may also include background information about the business and the people involved with your company. Your business plan may be for your new businesses, and/or it can also be helpful for your existing businesses to re-evaluate your goals and methods. Your business plans will cover the next 3 to 5 years of your business.

Call Us · 23 hours 5 minutes

Accounting and Bookkeeping Contract Services

Accounts payable (bills and payments) Accounts receivables (invoices and collection) Daily General ledger maintenance Time tracking & job cost reporting Payroll processing Expense classification Sales commissions Sales and use tax filing Bank account reconciliation Credit card reconciliation PayPal reconciliation Balance sheet generation and review

Starting at $28 · 4 hours