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Moon Story Astrology Reading via Skype

The Moon represents your soul, dreams, longing, emotions and the "sum total of your moods over the course of your life." It is also a reliable tool for your creativity, fertility, and manifestation process. This reading connects you with the ancient wisdom of your soul and comes with lots of interactive bonus material.

$117 · 1 hour

Chiron: Spiritual Healing Astrology Reading via Skype

Your wounds are where your own magical light seeps out and merges with the infinite light. This reading brings clarity to the patterns of pain and how to heal them. Chiron is known as the wounded/shamanic healer. We all have at least one mortal wound and Chiron’s placement on your chart shows what that is, how to work with it, and what medicine gifts you bring to your community.

$117 · 1 hour

Astro-Intentions (or) Life-Phase Reading via Skype

Through understanding the beautiful language of astrology, you expand into the fullness of who are becoming while being grounded in who you are. This reading gets you acquainted with all aspects of your natal chart. I offer these readings in 1, 2 or 3 part session.

$117 · 1 hour

Soul Purpose Astrology Reading via Skype

We are a culmination of everything that has ever and will ever exist. Where have you been and where are you going? What is your purpose of being in a body on Earth at this time? The astrological model will help you identify and remember parts of yourself for integration and answering these questions. This reading comes with a workbook and bonus material:

$117 · 1 hour

Mystic Source School Astrology Coaching

For Mystic Source School Students.

$97 · 1 hour

Asteroid Goddess Astrology

Mythology is an eternal reference point for humanity’s storyline. The feminine archetypes have been greatly discounted and skewed for power and control by religious and political authority. Remembering the diversity in feminine expression and power not only helps women to reclaim their power, it also helps men to connect with their lost inner feminine nature. This reading dives straight into the Goddess mysteries through the lens of asteroids, Lilith, Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta and Juno with respect to your Venus position. I recommend having the Astro Intentions reading coving the 4 corners of life intention before this reading but it is not required.

$117 · 1 hour

Eclipse Reading

This eclipse brings a power surge which impacts thinking, communication, information transmission, and more personally your nervous system. Find out where this eclipse is most affecting you, the possible problems and benefits and how to ritually use this timing to enhance your life.

$117 · 1 hour

10 min Ojas Plant Medicinals Consultation

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Free · 10 minutes

Private Yoga Training

A one on one yoga healing-experience of movement and breathwork tailored to your individual needs. You will learn how to practice on your own the art of pranayama, Sun salutations, yoga asana/postures and relaxation.

$97 · 1 hour 10 minutes

Anjani Siegrist

Anjani has been practicing the healing arts professionally since 1998. After honorable discharge from the US Navy, Anjani completed her bachelor’s degree, 1000 hours of bodywork training and moved to East Asia for 2 years where she studied and practiced the healing arts. Her work is a powerful synthesis of Ayurveda, Astrology, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga Philosophy, Psychosomatic Bodywork and practical alchemy. Her intention in doing this work is to enliven and activate The Healer archetype in humanity so that we all source ourselves directly from source.