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Tarot Readings w/Chelsea

60-minute tarot card reading with Chelsea. Workshop presented by Chelsea D. Snyder of VenixRising and Samskara Yoga & Healing. Chelsea began reading tarot cards and using other systems of divination as a child and has decades of experience with concepts in healing, astrology, numerology, intentional magic, and moon dancing. As an energy worker, reiki master, and yoga teacher, she brings holistically tantric and energetic insights into today’s challenges and struggles.

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Angel Wisdom Readings w/Cheryl

Cheryl provides divine guidance covering areas such as (but not limited to); health, career, romance, and family. If needed or desired, a team of archangels may be hired to help you on your journey.

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Animal Communication / Pet Reiki w/Linda

Sessions may include a Reiki treatment or other energy healing. Linda will also be able to share with you what may help them with a particular situation (i.e. Reiki energy healing, essential oil, crystals, veterinary care, patience, training, love).

125.00 $125 · 1 hour

Divine Soul Weekend - Readings & Reiki

Reserve time for a virtual tarot reading with Divine Soul Empress!

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Crystal Healing Consultation

30-Minute Crystal Healing Consultation. Discover the crystals that you need to promote wellbeing in your home, work, and life. Bring your own crystals to learn their purpose in your life or have your crystals "read" to determine additional metaphysical purposes.

$50 · 30 minutes

Virtual Shopping

0 · 30 minutes

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Aerial Yoga Private Class

$125 · 1 hour


Chelsea Snyder