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Full Groom Pamper

Our Full Groom Pamper consists of a pre clip, spa pamper, blow dry, finishing clip, cologne and a bandana or bow. We do no clip ears or tails unless specifically requested by you, or matted. Small dog is up to 20cm at the wither. Medium is up to 35cm. Large is up to 45cm. Giant is up to 60cm.

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Request Charlotte

If you would like Charlotte to perform your dog’s groom please specify this service, one for each dog booked. Otherwise your groom will be assigned to the first available groomer, who may or may not be Charlotte.

$10 · 5 minutes

Mini Groom Pamper

Our Mini Groom Pampers consists of a face tidy, belly clip, feet rounding and pad clip, hygiene clip, spa pamper and blow dry. Small dog is up to 20cm at the wither. Medium is up to 35cm. Large is up to 45cm. Giant is up to 60cm

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Spa Pamper

Our Spa Pamper consists of a nice warm hydrobath with shampoo and conditioner. Your pooch is then blow dryed with warm air and finished with cologne. Small dog is up to 20cm at the wither. Medium is up to 35cm. Large is up to 45cm. Giant is up to 60cm

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Spa Pamper and de-shed with a de-shedder and blow dryer. If your dog is also matted please add the matting service and be specific In the notes, you may be charged more than the $10

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Breed Clip

Our breed clip is a traditional breed clip as defined by the breed standard. This includes beard shaping and maintenance, skirts, poodle feet, Pom poms. Please add detailed notes to your booking and discuss with us at drop off.

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This is an optional extra. A main service must be selected. (Full Groom, Mini Groom, Spa Pamper or Deshed) Our organic wash is Dr Bronner's beautiful Castile soap. It is gentle on your dog's skin and we offer unscented, Lavender or Sandlewood and Jasmin

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Tooth Brushing

Not a scale and clean by any means, however this beautiful organic tooth brushing service removes any food or furry bits on your dogs teeth and freshens his breath beautifully.

$9 · 5 minutes

Nail Trim

A nail trim is a service thats price is very much subject to the behaviour of your dog. Please talk to us about your dog's temperament when getting it's nails clipped so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate. You may be asked to assist us in holding your dog during this service.

$10 · 10 minutes


Our daycare facility is air-conditioned, filled with comfy clean bedding and toys; fresh grass for your pup to go potty on, and constant attention and play from our well trained team. Book in for an hour, two, a half day or a full one, or call us for a customised time that suits you. This is a great service for puppy socialisation, timid dogs, bored dogs, destructive dogs, or just dogs who love a day out while you are busy. Small and medium dogs only. Our resident Poodle Darla will keep them entertained for hours.

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Magnesium Spa Pamper

Upgrade you bath pamper with a luxurious magnesium spa pamper. Long soak in Magnesium salts, and finished with an all over magnesium spray. At least one core service of Breed Clip, Full Groom, Mini Groom, DeShed or Spa Pamper must also be chosen.

$15 · 10 minutes

Flea Treatment

Sometimes pesky little parasites get the better of us and can get out of control. If your pooch is a walking air bnb, we ask that you let us know so that we can both assist him with that and maintain the cleanliness of our salon. Prices start from $10 depending on the size of your pup. It is important that you de flea every area of your home and car that your pooch frequents, and any other pets in order for this to be an effective treatment. Our flea treatment is very effective and chemical free.

$10 · 5 minutes

Matted Fur

We get it, sometimes fun gets in the way of beauty and your little one can end up a tad matted. We're here to help free that fur to grow naturally again. Prices start from $10 for matting, and obviously times also vary. We really prefer it if you let us know in advance that your pooch has matting.

$10 · 5 minutes


Bath Blow and De-Shed

Charlotte is the owner and creative mind behind Vanity Fur Dog Salon. Passionate about all things "pooch" she will not only groom your dog to perfection but care for him or her as if he were her own


Choose Day Care when booking your pooch in for a fantastic day visit in our green day care room