Dear Valued Clients, SAFETY: Mask worn at all times. Hands washed or sanitized upon arrival. CANCEL: 24 hours in advance to avoid $50 Cancellation Fee LATE: 15 minutes $25 fee. ALL SALES & SERVICES ARE FINAL: There are no refunds on any services once session is completed. No Exceptions. All payments are final. Refunds will not be issued. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you soon. ~ Nurse BeBe


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LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE WITH STAFF ( Not Nurse BeBe) - 30 min FULL BODY Lymphatic Massage after surgery - 1 PM to 6 PM ONLY - NO INCISIONAL DRAINAGE - MUST BE MORE THAN 3 Weeks After your surgery - NO TUMMY TUCKS (must see Nurse BeBe) - CALL FOR VIRTUAL CONSULTATION 914-427-9395 **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MASSAGE IS NOT WITH NURSE BEBE!** if you want your lymphatic drainage massage, incisional Drainage, Seroma care, drain removal, etc. or are having complications with your recovery like fibrosis. Please choose the other “lymphatic drainage massage“, IF YOU CHOSE THE $75 MASSAGE NURSE BEBE WILL NOT BE DOING YOUR LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE NOR POST OP CARE EVALUATION. HER STAFF IS FULLY TRAINED AND PROVIDES THE SAME KNOWLEDGE AT THE SAME HIGH STANDARDS*** Good for 30 days only * other sales & promotions do not apply

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60 minutes Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Post Op Care Packages: Includes Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Incisional drainage if needed, Ultrasound & Infared Light for healing, Cavitation, Radio Frequency skin tightening and herbal skin care, We teach you self lymphatic drainage massage, how to care for yourself after surgery, Faja fitting and so much more. ** Other sales & promotions do not apply

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MOBILE Lymphatic Drainage Massage NY & NJ ONLY

AFTER SURGERY ONLY UP TO 5 DAYS Our MOBILE Lymphatic Drainage Massages drain excess fluid from the body, reduce pain and swelling and to prevent the formation of scar tissue (Fibrosis). Session: 60 minutes Consultation Required! Please call 914-427-9395

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Our📹Video-Call☎️Post-Op Nursing👩‍⚕️Care: 👉Smartphone or Online Videoconference Call to Assist You & Your Caregiver at Home after Surgery!😃 CONSULTATION REQUIRED DAY 1️⃣ ✅Begins immediately after discharge from Surgery  * Monitoring vital signs; temperature, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level * Monitoring Overall Condition * Medication & Pain Management * Surgical Drain Care & Output * Monitoring Urinary & Bowel Output * First dressing change after Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, surgery (Kit available) * Surgical Wound Care * Personal care, Showering, Toileting, Sleep Positioning, etc. * Recognizing & Reporting Postoperative Symptoms * Nutritional advice for healing & maintaining BBL * Supportive Nursing Interventions & Reporting to your Surgeon DAY 2️⃣ FOLLOW UP * Management of Swelling & Inflammation ADD ON * Proper Faja (girdle) fitting for STAGE 1 & 2 garment & use of Boards and Foams & various compression garments * Correct Self Lymphatic Massage (Kit available) DAY 3️⃣ * We Teach You Self Tape Method (Kit available) WEEK 1️⃣ * Assistance with Surgical Drain Removal (Kit available) * Assistance with Suture Removal (Kit available) * Scar Therapy (Kit available) * When to start using Body Contouring Machine (Kit available) 😃We are here to help you with all of your dreams and goals BEFORE and AFTER your cosmetic surgery! Includes Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Reduction, Chin, Arm or Thigh Lipo or Lift surgeries. ✅BEFORE SURGERY ASSISTANCE: ✔️Pre-Op Consultation for Achieving Your Cosmetic Surgery Goals ✔️Surgery Contract BEFORE you SIGN ✔️Weight Management for BMI (Body Mass Index) ✔️Meeting with surgeon, not staff, to discuss your body goals ✔️and so much more!😃

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You may notice a Seroma developing immediately after drainage tubes have been removed or even up to a few weeks later. This is one of the reasons why your Post Op care is just as important as your surgery. Starting Lymphatic Drainage Massages as soon as your first day after surgery will reduce swelling, fluid buildup causing a Seroma, manage pain and discomfort or pressure or tightness and prevent further complications. We provide Seroma Care which includes: 1️⃣ Removing the fluid with our various drainage techniques including needle aspiration 2️⃣ Incisional Wound Care 3️⃣ Surgical site monitoring for infections 4️⃣ Seroma prevention 5️⃣ FLUID BUILDUP MORE THAN 3 DAYS AFTER SURGERY

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Drain removal after your liposuction surgery depends on your average daily amount of drainage. ・・・ Drains, such as J-Pratt or Wound Reservoir Drains, are placed after liposuction surgery to remove excessive fluids that cause swelling and inflammation. Drains are usually removed within 5-7 days after surgery. Your lymphatic drainage massage helps to remove additional fluids manually while the drain is in place and so much more fluid over the next few weeks after your drain is removed. Call 914-433-4316 for additional information ~Nurse BeBe💋 DRAIN REMOVAL $175 We will come to your house too! $225

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We remove your stitches after cosmetic surgery for Lipo 360, BBL, etc, and enjoy a Lymphatic Drainage Massage to promote your healing process. We also offer Wound Repair for Opening Tummy Tuck Scars. ~ Nurse BeBe💋

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SCAR & DARK SPOTS Care - 3 Sessions

Lighten your scars or dark surgical spots with our Whitening services.

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Our therapeutic taping method includes Lymphatic Drainage Massage: * reduces swelling and inflammation * promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage * helps with diminishing bruises * Improves and lessens appearance of scar tissue * aids in overall post operative healing We recommend 3 Taping sessions. 3 Taping Therapy + MLD Massage Sessions $450 SALE - Regularly $525 The 3 sessions include: Session 1: Taping Wrap with Lymphatic Massage Session 2: Skin Evaluation,Taping Repair with DRY Lymphatic Massage on Tape OR Taping Removal with Lymphatic Massage Session 3: Taping Wrap with Lymphatic Massage 1 Taping Therapy Session + Massage & 1 Removal Session (2 sessions ) $199

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YOUR SURGERY DAY - We assist you immediately after surgery. We provide Nursing services at home, hotel or AirBnB, in New York City, Long Island, Westchester & Upstate New York. Providing safe, customized, full or part-time. MINIMUM 4 HOURS (Consultation Required) 914-427-9395 We also offer pick up car service from your surgery. See pricing

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CONSULTATION REQUIRED 914-427-9395 AFTER YOUR SURGERY — Our Recovery Care Assistants will be responsible for delivery of care to patients to ensure that emotional, physical and safety needs are met through their entire session. Responsibilities include: 1. Checking Vitals, Bowel & Urinary Output 2. Assisting with showers, Faja garment, dressing, 3. Medication Reminders 4. Light Meal prep, light cleaning & laundering 5. Emotional Support and so much more NO MASSAGES

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LEARN SELF MASSAGE (You & Husband, Friend, etc.)

😃DO YOUR OWN 👐🏼 LYMPHATIC MASSAGE‼️ #DIYMassage _____________________ 👩🏽‍⚕️Can’t get to me for massages after your Lipo 360 & BBL surgery?😫 #QuarantineAndChill • 😫We all know after your surgery, going back to work👠💼, family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and responsibilities🍽🧺🧹🛁 can get in the way of getting your lymphatic massages!😥 • 👩🏽‍⚕️ I’ll teach you & your loved one, friend or family member 🙋🏻🙋🏽DO IT YOURSELF Lymphatic Drainage 👐🏼 Massage & SAVE ⏰time, 😫stress and 💵💵💵Money!🙋🏽🙋🏻 #DIY #WellnessWednesday ~ Nurse BeBe💋 @SculptMyBodyNow • 👉Learn How TO: ➖ Reduce pain & swelling! ➖ Prevent Fibrosis & lumpy uneven areas! ➖ Get rid of excess fat left over from surgery! ➖ Tighten loose or sagging skin after your procedure! ➖ Snatch your own Waist! _____________________ 🔥HOW IT WORKS🔥 ▶️ STEP 1: Virtual Consultation to discuss your condition after your surgery, body goals & customize your training ▶️ STEP 2: Learn Lymphatic Massage methods to get the most body shape👙improvement with our body contouring techniques and step-by-step guidance #OnlineClass ▶️ STEP 3: Scheduled your Private 1-on-1 Training today! (Virtual, Home, Hotel, AirBnB or at our spa) • 👉WHAT’S INCLUDED? #SnatchedWaist ✅ Virtual Consultation ✅ Customized 1-on-1 Training (2 hours) ✅ Training Manual ✅ Support Team Access ・・・ 🕒SESSION : 2 Hours 👛 SALE : $250 without machine 👉Purchase machine Amazon Prime or Vendors Guide $150 - $300 (Ultrasonic Cavitation or Radiofrequency Skin Tightening or Combination Machine) ・・・

$250 · 2 hours


Teeth Whitening that will lighten the teeth shades brighter than before. Enjoy our sales price! Dark colored foods and beverages stain the teeth. This includes coffee, tea, Pepsi and Coke, and dark colored gravies, soups and sauces. Your best results depends on how much you use these every day. If you use these foods and beverages regularly we suggest a 60 minute service. TRY OUR TOOTH 🦷💎GEMS TOO! Make your smile shine and glisten with Swarovski💎crystals! Impress all of your friends and family with that gleaming, blinging smile TODAY!. Try colorful 💎gems, ⭐️❤️💀🐱and decorate your smile!😁

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💥2️⃣AREAS💥SAME SESSION➕FAT MELTING SKINNY SHOT 💉 ——————————— ❣️COMBINE ANY 2️⃣ BODY CONTOURING areas together during the same Session ~ Nurse BeBe💋 @SculptMyBodyNow ➖ 2️⃣ AREAS LIPO (Stomach OR Back OR Just Both Legs OR Just Both Arms) ➖ 1️⃣ LIPO ➕ 1️⃣ BUTT LIFT ➖ 1️⃣ LIPO ➕ 1️⃣ FACE LIFT ➖ 2️⃣ BUTT LIFT ADD ON our DNA 🧬 DIET PLAN to boost your results with additional weight loss!😃 Good for 30 days only

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🍑VACUUM BUTT LIFT😃 We repair Hip Dips, Banana Rolls, and lift sagging loose skin with our non surgical Buttocks Enhancement. Specially designed treatment of “vacuum therapy” ! ADD ON Vitamin C or HYALURONIC Butt filler for lasting results. Stimulate collagen production, elastin to improves the appearance of skin, uneven tone, cellulite and promotes muscle firmness. Vacuum therapy manually mobilizes the fat cells to the desired area while it tightens sagging skin, lifts and plumps up the buttocks. We suggest our 10 sessions package which includes muscle toning & skin tightening techniques to give you lasting results. REGULAR PRICE $250 per Session 🍑 NOW ON SALE ‼️😃Good for 30 days only

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Our Facelift Skincare System with LED Light Therapy or Laser Treatment will “lift” the upper face rather than “pulling” the skin as in the traditional surgical facelift, to give your skin the tightening and toning to your face and neck areas to achieve beautifying results. Each is a separate treatment. Includes Collagen Stimulating Massage * Laser Light Therapy * Radiofrequency Skin Tightening * Anti-Aging System with Mask for fine lines & wrinkles Our COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION will design a customized treatment plan for you. CALL or TEXT (914)433-4316 to schedule an appointment or for FREE Virtual Consultation 3 Sessions $297 Reg. $450 6 Sessions $450 Reg. $750

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Our cellulite treatment consists of: 1- Many therapeutic treatments like mineral body wraps which improves skin elasticity, circulation, collagen repair and promote the reduction of the fat cell. 2- Vacuum Therapy is used to stimulate natural lifting and tightening of the skin to reduce “orange peel” appearance of cellulite 3- Radio Frequency Skin Tightening 4- LaserLipo for Fat reduction 5- Ultrasound Cavitation or Fat reduction 6- Cryotherapy (fat freezing) 7- Wood Therapy 8- Muscle Toning & Firming session included 9- Sauna Wrap Body Slimming 10-Lymphatic Drainage Massages for overall appearance and whole body wellness BENEFITS of Cellulite Therapy include: * Reduces localized fat and cellulite * Reduces inches * Improves the appearance of the skin * Combats flaccidity (loose skin) * Increased blood circulation * Tones & firms

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YESOTHERAPY ( Plaster Body Wrap) w/ Lymphatic Massage

Yeso Therapy, is Our Compression Wrap to reduce swelling and fatty areas after your Lipo360 surgery, It’s also our Body Slimming, Skin Tightening session that focuses on burning fat naturally with your body heat. Loose inches immediately! Tightens loose skin, firms & tones the muscle, and contours your waist, arms, thighs or chin in a safe, non-surgical way. See excellent results from the first sessions. Wear for 4 - 8hours then remove the wrap. Do not keep it on for more than eight hours.

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MESOTHERAPY - Fat Melting Enzymes

Mesotherapy corrects uneven lumpy areas and hardness after your Lipo360 or Liposuction surgery. It also liquifies stubborn fatty pockets on stomach, arms and thighs. It reduces and eliminates the appearance of the cellulite through micro-injections ( micro needling) into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) for best body contouring results. Ideal treatment for stubborn fatty areas that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. Book your appointment today. Call 914-433-4316

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It’s ALL about the eyes 👀 now that we’re wearing masks😷 Our Permanent MakeUp is🔥$50 OFF‼️🔥 ~ Nurse BeBe💋 ・・・ 👛 SALE 👛 EYEBROWS🔥$200🔥 (Reg. $250) 👁EYELINER🔥 $200🔥 (Reg. $250) 👄LIP LINER🔥 $200🔥 (Reg. $250) 💥SALE ENDS : October 31, 2020💥 CALL 9144334316

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Waxing services

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6 HOURS (2 Hour Sessions) Private hands-on 1-to-1 practice with CORRECTIONS ONLY to learn more effective methods. Will examine your techniques, your therapy process with your clients and business management skills with Corrections. Perform what you know as though you were applying for a position to work at our spa. MUST HAVE COMPLETED BODY CONTOURING TRAINING or POST OP CARE & LYMPHATIC MASSAGE TRAINING before scheduling to qualify. Please provide certificates for all trainings. ** MODEL REQUIRED ** except for Drain Removal, Seroma Care & Fibrosis

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ACHIEVE AMAZING RESULTS with our SKIN TIGHTENING Sessions for loose skin on your stomach, especially after weight loss or surgery, arms, inner thighs, face or buttocks! Microneedling boosts collagen by bringing new blood cells to repair and rejuvenate skin. Our skin tightening treatments also include RF RadioFrequency, Cryotherapy and other specialized devices for optimum results.

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OUR LATE / CANCELLATION POLICY Any Late arrivals more than 15 minutes, a $25 fee will be applied. LATE arrivals may only receive the remaining appointment time. This may have a negative effect on the overall treatment results. All Cancellations, Reschedules less than 24 hours notification of your scheduled appointment, and No-Shows, a $50 Rescheduling Fee will be applied. NO-SHOWS will result in that treatment being deducted from the procedure package without a refund. You agree that you are aware that this may have a negative effect on the overall treatment results. 1. $25 LATE FEE is applied when 15 minutes late. 2. CANCEL less than 24 hours before scheduled appointment $25 FEE is applied. 3. NO SHOW, $50 FEE is applied 4. CONFIRMATION for Rescheduled appointment is $25 Deposit Due to the demand for our services, all package appointments are scheduled following the initial consultation. Any changes to the initial treatment dates will be subject to availability. Thank you.

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URGENT, SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS - to accommodate you and your urgent postop care we can squeeze you into our appointment schedule. Be sure to add this to your same day appointment. Thank you

$25 · 5 minutes


Need directions on how to start or expand your Body contouring or postop care business? Let’s talk! TRAINING BASICS CALL $50 We provide directions on Body Contouring or Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage trainings and review your goals and state eligibility requirements BUSINESS READY CALL $99 We will discuss your business goals, business plan, market strategy And a plan to begin your dream career. Call 914-433-4316 Nurse BeBe

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Our Weight Loss Program is not just another diet plan! We offer you personalized professional health coaching, dietary options and lifestyle management for your dream body goals

$99 · 1 hour


Aesthetic Nurse Manager, MLD Clinical Wellness Practitioner at Bella Spa, CEO of Body Sculpt Studio

Eddy Rincon, Medical Esthetician

Licensed Aesthetician 16 years

Erica Ortiz, Medical Assistant

Licensed Medical Assistant 10 years

Rosalba Pena, Esthetician

Licensed Esthetician 26 years