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CONSULTATION REQUIRED. PLEASE CALL 914-433-4316 TO BOOK FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION FIRST. THANK YOU Body Contouring Package includes: 90 minute sessions - Ultrasonic Cavitation - Non Surgical Laser Lipo - Radiofrequency RF Skin Tightening - Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Wood Therapy - FIR Sauna Wrap - EMS Ab Therapy - Vibration Platform CALL or TEXT 914-433-4316 to confirm your appointment 2 Sessions $175 4 Sessions $350 8 Sessions $650

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Let’s work together to create a customized treatment plan based on your body contouring goals. We will need to see your targeted area to discuss which plan is right for you. Our virtual consultation is free, where we view your pictures to determine your treatment plan. When needed to further inspect the area, an in office consultation is required and the fee is listed and will be applied to your session. CALL 914-433-4316

$25 · 15 minutes

1 Taping Therapy

Our therapeutic taping method includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage: * reduces swelling and inflammation * promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage * helps with diminishing bruises * Improves and lessens appearance of scar tissue * aids in overall post operative healing We recommend 3 to 4 Taping Therapy sessions to for an area of swelling. I Taping Therapy + MLD Massage Session $99 SALE - Regularly $150 SAVE $51 3 Taping Therapy + MLD Massage Sessions $297 SALE - Regularly $450 SAVE $153 Learn Self Taping Method & Self Massage; includes taping product $50 SALE - Regularly $99 SAVE $49 * Add this Taping Therapy to your post op massage to continue healing and lymph drainage between sessions. $75 Buy One Get One January Sale Only!

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FACELIFT / Double Chin

Our Facelift Skincare System with LED Light Therapy or Laser Treatment will “lift” the upper face rather than “pulling” the skin as in the traditional surgical facelift, to give your skin the tightening and toning to your face and neck areas to achieve beautifying results. Each is a separate treatment. Includes Collagen Stimulating Massage * LED Or Laser Light Therapy * Radiofrequency Skin Tightening * Double Chin Treatment * Buccal Massage (Oral Massage) * Anti-Aging System with Mask for fine lines & wrinkles Our COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION will design a customized treatment plan for you. CALL or TEXT (914)433-4316 to schedule an appointment or for FREE Virtual Consultation 3 Sessions $297 Reg. $450 5 Sessions $450 Reg. $750

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Our Weight Loss Program is not just another diet plan! 1. We offer you personalized dietary options derived from your DNA to genetically manage your weight and keep it off fat off. 2. We take samples of your saliva and urine and send it to a lab. 3. With those results we can truly tailor a nutritional plan specific to what your body needs to do to lose those excess pounds. 4. And a customized daily calorie intake, specifically calculated for your body type. All while executing the best health, beauty and wellness solutions for you. Loose weight naturally, effectively and pain-free, it couldn’t be any easier! STEP 1 We don’t just offer body contouring treatments, we have combined a Weight Management System that has been proven to be successful worldwide. Your initial consultation includes an assessment, a body type evaluation, specimen collection of saliva, urine, etc. Includes Lab fee for specimen collection & shipping. Regularly $225 SALE $199 STEP 2 You’ve already received your results and met with a health coach to design a customized diet plan. The next 30 days we’ll support you with tips, advice and monitor your progress weekly. If you haven’t started your body contouring sessions already, now you can begin sculpting your physical goals. Our fat loss body contouring sessions are included BUT Optional. Be sure to discuss a package that’s right for you. Includes discussing lab results, customizing a diet plan, weight management, choosing body contouring session or package. Receive an additional $50 off on body contouring packages as part of our weight management system. Regularly $225 SALE $150 STEP 3 After your first month, and depending on your treatment plan, this phase requires only bi-weekly coaching and monitoring your progress. This may also be your maintenance stage for your body contouring sessions. *NO FEE. — WEIGHT MANAGEMENT INCLUDED IN BODY CONTOURING PACKAGE — $75 Membership Fee (NO BODY CONTOURING PKG) — $150 No Membership Or Body Contouring Pkg (Buy One Session Get One Free!) STEP 4 You’ve made it through your first 90 days! 🥳 CONGRATULATIONS!👏 As part of our Membership Package you’ll receive monthly coaching, weight management so you don’t regain the weight and continue maintaining your achievements with body contouring, membership perks, specials, gifts and so much more! — $75 Membership Fee 3 mos, 6 mos, etc. (SEE MEMBERSHIP Details Link)

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60;minutes Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Post Op Care Single Session $99 Try our Packages: Includes Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency skin tightening and herbal skin care. 3 Sessions $297 5 Sessions $495 10 Sessions $850 12 Sessions $999 15 Sessions $1188

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