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Reverse dimensional Balayage

$125 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Mens scissor cut

$15 · 30 minutes

Dry cut

$20 · 30 minutes

Standard consult

30 minutes

Dread install

30 minutes

Color service

2 hours 30 minutes


$12 · 10 minutes

Dimensional balayage

$130 · 3 hours

Shampoo style

30 minutes


$25 · 30 minutes

Platinum card

Foiling every piece of hair an inch away from scalp for an ultimate end goal of complete blonde hair. Then pulling foil down and placing bleach on scalp letting process. Then pulling bleach entirely through all ends. Following with toning for desired shade, cutting, and styling.

175 and up $175 · 3 hours

Malibu make over

Removes mineral build up or product build up along with a restoration mask and style Comes with 1 packet of each. Up charge of $15 for 2 extra packets.

$25 · 30 minutes

Tape in extensions

Taking 1 1/2 inch tapes of hair and sandwiching them in between a extremely thin slice of hair and activating the tape with heat to stay. Adds length and fullness. Removed every 2 months and can be re taped and re installed up to 4 times.

$250 · 2 hours

Up dos

$65 · 1 hour

Global Bleach retouch, tone ,cut, style

This service is laying bleach on the scalp NOT FOILING. Bleach retouch price is for 4-6 week of growth. 1 in give or take of new growth. If your roots are longer than 2 inches its will have an up charge of 25.00 for extra bleach needed per 2 inches and removal of bands in hair so its even color. Ultimately if your hair is 4 inches or longer from root to bleach this service is not for you it will be a color correction.

$135 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Facial waxing

Upper Lip, brows, chin, cheeks Cost is 12 per area or 2 for 20$

$12 · 10 minutes

Stand alone -Toning hair

Can be used for Cancelling out unwanted tones in the hair, Adding shine, and blending gray. Achieving certain color of pre bleached hair

$20 · 30 minutes

Root touch up (not bleach)

Touching up 4-6 weeks of growth for an all over color. Anything longer than that is an upcharge of 15.00 to remove banding .

$65 · 2 hours

Root tap add on

Tapping the root just for added dimension. Usually is half and inch of color on root over fresh highlights to blur out freshness. Or over an all over color to add a pop of dimension.

$20 · 30 minutes

Warm fusion ext

Keratin tipped hair that is heated and applied precisely to individual strands for fullness and length. Lasts 2 months before needing to be removed carefully and reinstalled with new tips if desired.

$350 · 2 hours

Haircut style

Shampoo, cut, style

$35 · 30 minutes

Extra heavy foiling

full head of foils with extra foiling around the face. Comes with 5 bowls of Bleach any extra bowls will be extra cost of 10.00. comes with 4 oz toner any extra will be 10$ per 2 oz. Extra heavy Foiling - $125 Toning- $ 10

$135 · 3 hours

Full Bleach out (root to tip)

Bleach from root to tip. Comes With 5 bowls of bleach. Extra bowls are 10.00 per bowl

$150 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Melting into fall

Rooted dimensional look with pops of color. Root color -usually darker 1st Balayage color- for demension 2nd balayage color for pops of brightness usually bleach. Tone, cut, and style. Includes 3 colors. 4oz main color 2 oz of secondary and 1-2bowls bleach 10$ extra per bowl of color or bleach 4oz toner - 10$ extra per 2 oz

$125 · 3 hours

Test strand consult

1 hr to talk about hair goals, ideas, wants, and test strand avail to see how hair responds to bleach. 30$ goes towards your future appt.

$30 · 1 hour

Hand tied ext

Placing beads strategically in the hair then sewing in a thin weft into those beaded areas. Usually rows are needed. Last roughly 4 months before needed complete re installation. Adjustments for beads are every 3-4 weeks. Hair price separate.

$300 · 2 hours

All over color

Color applied from root to tip for added richness, depth, shine, gray coverage, or all the above. This service Includes a luxury wash and head massage at the shampoo bowl for relaxation with only the best hair products . A precise haircut with added technique and expertise from Holly. Styling out and product recommendations for your color up keep and styling needs. 1 color choice. Up to 4 ounces of color included. For more ounces needed there will be an up charge of 15.00.

$85 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Shot phix and style

$40 · 30 minutes

Ext adjustment for weft

$75 · 45 minutes

Re tape extensions

Removing the tape from extensions and re taping them to prepare for installation.

$25 · 30 minutes

Partial foil, tone, cut, style

Foiling from ears to the top. Comes with 2 bowls of bleach. More is a up charge of 10.00. To add a lowlight is 10.00 extra per color.

$95 · 2 hours


Hair that is longer than Bra will have an automatic 15.00 up charge. Hand painted color added for depth or lightness with a seem-less blend and super natural. A kiss of color thats close to the natural level. This is not complete saturation of the ends of the hair but just added touches of color for dimensional lighting. Comes with 2 bowls of bleach or color. Extra is a charge of 10.00 per bowl.

$140 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Brazilian blowout

Keratin smoothing system that is customizable for removing curl and frizz. Cuts down blow dry time. Locks in color and preserves it, seals split ends, leaves a shine and softness, last 12 weeks and slowly fades away nicely. Can be done same day as color.

$250 · 2 hours

Ext removal

$50 · 1 hour

Color correction

Anything deemed a color correction is as follows: Removing Black or Red Bad bleaching Jobs that are splotchy and need hair to be picked apart Dark color over bleach and desire returning back to blonde

60hr · 4 hours

Ultimate Foiliage root melt

Rooted look with foil for maximum lift and root melt done after at the shampoo bowl to blend out. Root melt- $20 Foiliage- 120$ 5 bowls of bleach included -extra bowls are 10$ per bowl 4oz toner included- 10$ extra per 2 oz

$175 · 4 hours


Price varies with length of hair. And rod size.

85 and up $85 · 3 hours

Seasonal service- blowout/curl/ brush/product

Shampoo and best hydrating hair mask. Along with a complementary brush and oya product. For your hair needs and beach waves or curl of some sort.

$65 · 45 minutes

Fashion color (includes bleaching and fashion color)

Price consist of bleaching out hair which can vary in price depending on the amount of hair needing bleached. 5$ per foil or whole head 50-100$ min , rinse, dry, apply fashion color 5$ per foil or 50-100$ for whole head. rinse style. More than 2 fashion colors there is an up charge per color of 15.00

Starting at 150$ $150 · 4 hours

Root tap, toning

$75 · 2 hours

Crystal gel treatment

$25 · 30 minutes


Giving a rooted look with foil for maximum lift

$135 · 4 hours

Special occasion hair

$65 · 1 hour

Elixir bond builer treatment & style

$20 · 30 minutes

Balayage Card

Every piece of hair is touched with color or bleach. $85 Ombre-Saturating ends with bleach. $15adding baby lights to blend. $15 Optional color on roots for depth if needed. $15 4oz of toner for achieving perfect blonde color or cancelling tones. After 4 oz 10$ up charge Comes with 5 bowls of bleach. 10.00 up charge after 5 is used. cut and style

$200 · 4 hours

Very light foil

Accent foiling around face comes with half a scoop of bleach. Extra scoops are 15.00 up charge

$60 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Color Melting (no bleach only color)

Using 2 different colors (not bleach) and melting them together for a blend. Usually darker at root and blends to a lighter colors from mid to ends 4- ounces of colors used after 4 oz 15$ up charge per 2 oz

$100 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Clipper cut

Any cut involving clippers for the majority of the hair cur.

$15 · 30 minutes

Shampoo Style

Shampoo at our bowl with the best products and a scalp massage. Followed by styling out the hair as desired.

$35 · 30 minutes


Holly Davis