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Our Services

30 Minute Oracle Card Reading
30 Minute Oracle Card Reading - This reading is designed to deal with your current energy and mindset. It is perfect for getting the quick answers and insight to get back on track with your souls purpose.
Tapping - EFT "Emotional Freedom Technique”
Tapping - "EFT" is a 60 minute therapeutic session that helps focus on a certain issue that may need to be addressed. Tapping helps reprogram the thought process surrounding that certain situation, issue or experience. This can be emotional, financial, and or physical. Similar to acupuncture it focuses on meridian points (energy hot spots) to help restore balance to the overall body's energy. This is done by “tapping” or sending signals to part of the brain that controls the "fight or flight" action. It is a no-invasion way of restoring healing to the physical and emotional patterns that created blockages in your energetic field. Perfect session for - depression, anxiety, worrying, emotional issues, phobias, fear, stress, anger, guilt, relationship issues, lack of motivation and many other things. **This session is not intended to replace professional advice that may be given from the fields of medical, financial, mental health or psychiatric.**
Oracle Party - Group Event (20 People)
Are you having a group get together (up to 20 people) to celebrate something fun? Book an Oracle Party and let each of your guest enjoy a random 1 card reading. This will be based on an energy/psychic reading on the spot. Each reading will last 5 to 10 minutes (depending on size of group should take approx. 2 hours). It is done in a sit down group environment, making it more interesting. Price per person is $20.
45 Minute Oracle Card Reading - Channelling/Mediumship
45 Minute Oracle Card Reading – is a little longer and focuses more on divine guidance with your current situations. **This session also includes a deep 15 minute meditation (performed by me with your loved ones/guides in spirit) prior to your arrival. This allows us to open up the channel of information and all of this is written down and ready upon your arrival**
Empowerment Session - Channelling/Mediumship, Cards and Chakra Balance
60 minutes of empowerment, guidance and insight from the divine. including; 25 minute channeling from spirit, 20 minute card reading and 15 minute chakra balance to clear your current energy. **This session also includes a deep 30 minute meditation (performed by me with your loved ones/guides in spirit) prior to your arrival. This allows us to open up the channel of information and all of this is written down and ready upon your arrival**
Sacred Soul Session - Reiki, Tapping & Guided Meditation
The Sacred Soul session is 60 minutes in length. The session includes 30 minutes of tapping and focusing on your energetic field. Followed by a 30 minute guided meditation with reiki energy healing. This session is for those who wish to focus on letting go and releasing old emotional/behavioural patterns from their past. Perfect if you are feeling out of balance and need harmony in your life.
7 Chakra Balance and Clearing
This 30 minute session will help align the 7 chakras along your spine. When chakras are blocked you will feel a sense of being unsettled in your day to day life. The moods you are experiencing come from these energy centres. This is a quick fix to help align your internal and external worlds and creates a sense of peace and grounding.
Phone/Skype Readings (30 and 45 mins)
This session is the same as the "30 & 45 Minute Oracle Card Reading" listed above. Phone/Skype call readings are just as accurate as if you were in my studio (there is a $5 extra charge to cover cell phone usage).
Ladies Night * Stagette * PJ Party
Are you planning a ladies night, PJ party or Stagette? Why not heighten the fun and have an individual 20 minute reading for you and all your guest? If this sounds like something you may want to do, give Angel from Sacred Silence a call for more details. Each individual reading will be $30 per person - Minimum 6 people - Maximum 10 people - Start and finish time negotiable - Book in advance to ensure your date. There can never be enough ladies having fun.
Smudging and Space Clearing
Did you just move into a new home? Trying to sell one? Or just need to cleanse a bad mojo out of an area? A smudging ritual is a great way to rid of any negative energy that may be causing havoc on your property/space. Smudging takes approximately 1 hour and price does not reflect cost of travel – Free travel within 15 kilometres of my residence. Please contact Angel at Sacred Silence for more information.

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