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Psychedelic Integration, Education, and Support Services
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Our Services

Free 10 Min Phone Consultation
Consultation session for introduction, describing services, and answering questions.
Psychedelic Integration Session
Support services for post-experience integration
Psychedelic Preparation Session
Support services in preparation for psychedelic and transformative experiences.
Psychedelic Preparation Package (3 sessions)
Three consecutive sessions for preparation before psychedelic or other transformative experiences. Each is session one hour long. Second and third sessions will be scheduled after first appointment.
Psychedelic Integration Package (5 sessions)
Five consecutive sessions for integration post psychedelic or other transformative experience. Each is session one hour long. Remaining four sessions will be scheduled after first appointment.
Psychedelic Preparation + Integration Package (8 sessions)
Three preparation sessions before a psychedelic or other transformative experience, followed by five integration sessions after the experience. Each session will be one hour long. Subsequent sessions after the first will be scheduled during the first appointment.

Our Staff

Sophie Whitney