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I am personally thrilled that you've decided to work with Dockyard Consulting. Our hourly rate for consultations is $75.00. I promise that we will work together to ensure that you get value out of every minute that we spend together working on your business. Each session comes with a month's access to our accelerator space and all of the perks that come from working at the Dockyard.

75.00 $75 · 1 hour

Discovery Meeting

Our first meeting. It can be over Zoom or in Person at the Dockyard. We will sit down and have a frank chat about your objectives and whether a coaching relationship is the right fit. This one's on the house

Free · 30 minutes


Hi, My name is Sandenn, and for the past decade and change I’ve been working in business and communication strategy roles. I have been amazingly fortunate to have been part of some fantastic teams and to have the opportunity to learn and grow along side spectacular colleagues and friends. I believe that entrepreneurship and learning are essential tools for community and economic growth and have dedicated myself to proliferating access to both. All the best, Sandenn


Sandenn Killoran