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One Hour Consulting Session

Book a one-hour strategy session with me to gain clarity and direction for your business. Feel Stuck? Want to know how you can grow to the next level? We can work on your topics during this call. The one hour wraps up with a next steps plan for your business moving forward. 1 hour $125

$125 · 1 hour

10 hours of On-Demand Consulting

Want a business coach who's just a phone call away anytime you need? Get this awesome 10-hour consulting package for quick questions, overcome obstacles, gain some hands-on tech help, or to use as a strategic partnership for your business every month. Book your first scheduled hour at check out and I will send over instructions to book the remaining 9 hours (or you can save them and use as needed any time throughout the year). 10 hours for $995 (Save 20%)

$995 · 1 hour


Karen Dove