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Skin Care
Couples package
Waxing services
Intimate skin care
Spa day
Lymphatic/ Post Op Drainage Massage
Birthday Day Specials
Full body scrub/ body wrap
Package Deals

Mother’s Day Specials

Mothers day dinner

Catered meal by Kimberly smith Stuff chicken breast With mashed potatoes and delicious broccoli Dinner roll

$60 · 30 minutes

Soft glam makeup

Makeup with our professional makeup artist to create a natural elegant look 30 mins

$75 · 5 minutes



Everyone comes back for this one! Our therapeutic massage is designed to treat the root of the problem. It incorporates a variety of massage modalities, including Trigger point, heat & cold, warm towels as well as Deep or light pressure. This massage is tailored to your needs and is designed to get you the most benefits.

$95 · 1 hour

Prenatal Massage therapy

Massage can play an integral role during this special time in your life. As you prepare for childbirth regular massage can relieve backache, leg cramps and headaches in addition to improving the quality of your sleep. Second trimester is best for massage

$99 · 1 hour

Sports massage

Sports massage therapy is customized to focus on the areas of your body that experience repetitive muscle use and stress based on the sport or activity. Besides helping athletes prepare for peak performance, sports massages also increase flexibility, prevent injuries, accelerate recovery, and flush lactic acid to relieve soreness from training. With sports massages, your therapist will work on specific injuries and common areas that ache from athletic activities. Getting a sports massage helps with recovery and the prevention of injuries.

$99 · 1 hour

Exfoliating Back wash with massage

This is a full body massage that end with A mini back facial! A back facial is a relaxing treatment for your back! This includes double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, and a wonderful back massage. Best back wash & massage

$130 · 1 hour

Massage with Hot stones, plus back scrub treatment

Full body pampering massage with A pampering back wash with and exfoliating scrub treatment topped of with aromatic hot towels

2 Options

90 MIN Massage

Your choice Swedish or deep tissue

$130 · 1 hour 30 minutes

2 hour Massage

2 hours of enjoyment

$190 · 2 hours

30 minutes

Site specific: Example neck, shoulders, and back! known to focus, and hit the spot.

$45 · 30 minutes

Skin Care

New client Consultation facial

first time facial clients. skin analysis. Double Cleanse with steam and extractions Customized enzyme A treatment mask Facial Massage also Recommended products, protocol, And skin regimen needed.

$130 · 50 minutes

Goddess Facial

My most popular facial by far! Leave feeling like the goddess you are 🥰 Hand-picked custom products will be chosen perfectly for your skin type. Facial includes: 💖Double Cleanse 💖Enzyme Mask w/ Steam 💖Extractions 💖Hydration Mask 💖Dermaplaning 💖Red LED Light Treatment 💖Microcurrent Facelift 💖Eye Treatment 💖Shoulder, Hand, Arm & Foot Massage 💖Finishing products Get all the works this month for only $185

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Anti-Aging Facial

Everyone deserves to be pampered and our enzyme facials are the perfect way to treat both you and your skin to some much needed TLC! These facial enzyme treatments are customized to your skins needs helping to rebalance and exfoliate your skin by dissolving dead, flaky cells, promoting cell rejuvenation, stimulating collagen production, brightening the skin, and building skin elasticity. The result? Skin that’s hydrated, smooth, and has a gorgeous, youthful glow! includes neck, shoulder, arms, hands massaged

$120 · 50 minutes

Clearskin (Acne) facial

Power house facial Designed for those who have extremely congested or problematic skin such as acne, embedded or visible blackheads or whiteheads. This facial focuses primarily on extractions and cleaning out the pores. Also includes high frequency to kill bacteria, Are you ready to trust the process to clear, acne-free skin? Clearing your acne can be challenging and will require your commitment.

$120 · 50 minutes

Back facial

$125 · 50 minutes

Mens Facial

Anti aging, oil absorbing, anti inflammatory, improves barrier function reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Good for normal and sensitive skin ingrown hairs etc

$110 · 50 minutes

Teen facial

12-17 years old

$65 · 50 minutes


Relaxing customized facial with neck arm and shoulder massage

$105 · 1 hour

PEELS- Glycolic/Lactic/salicylic acid peels

This Glycolic treatment resurfaces and clarifies skin texture, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size, assists in resolving acne and fades the appearance of discoloration to even skin tone. This service will typically not result in visible peeling of the skin, and is a great option for those not wanting any social downtime of a traditional chemical peel. * Perfect for all skin types, addresses fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne, coarse texture, sun damage, and hyper pigmentation *Salicylic acid clears pores, reduces swelling and redness, and exfoliates the skin when applied topically. It's considered to be one of the best treatments for ACNE scars.

$112 · 30 minutes

Express Facial

Short on time? need a quick pick me up? this facial is prefect for you for a quick refresher. Cleanse, exfoliation, application of mask, toner, hydration prefect lunch time facial

$70 · 30 minutes

Hydroderm facial

This facial includes a custom hydrodermabrasion infusion session that begins with a Double Cleanse with steam treatment, Skin Analysis, deep pore cleanse, Exfoliation, Extractions, Custom Mask, Toner, Serums, Moisturizer and SPF.

$195 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Diamond microdermabrasion + Facial

(this popular service) Overall, microdermabrasion will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, remove acne scars, clear up blackheads, minimize the size of the pores, reduce sun damage, and even out the skin tone. Microdermabrasion also helps to boost collagen production to provide firming and toning to the complexion.

$110 · 50 minutes


Provides deeper product penetration. Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils. Promotes smoother skin. Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peachfuzz” Reduces the appearance of acne scars. Diminishes the look of fine lines. Works on all skin type * * High Frequency or LED Light Therapy Instant results and no downtime

2 Options

Cherry chocolate facial

The prefect facial to get ready for your special night. Contains lactic acid, mandalic, Arbuthnot and Kojic an exceptional combination for extreme lightning and antioxidant facial

$120 · 50 minutes

Advanced peel (tca)

NOT FOR FIRST TIME CLIENTS: this peel will cause physical shedding of your skin upwards to 7 days recommended to avoid the sun. A TCA peel is a noninvasive skin treatment used to treat skin discolorations, scarring, and wrinkles. These peels get their name from trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which is used to clear away dead skin cells to reveal the newer and smoother skin layers below. A TCA peel dissolves cells in the top layer of your skin (epidermis). As the skin that’s been affected by TCA application peels off, new cell growth is encouraged underneath. Once that top layer of skin has peeled off, a layer of brand-new skin cells becomes visible. Often, the new layer of skin is smoother and less affected by “imperfections” such as wrinkles and acne scarring.

$150 · 30 minutes

8 week peel series

Exceptional for the treatment of aging skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. *This is a 8 week/4 facial chemical peels package. *Not for first time customers. Must prep with pre/post peel products for at least 2 weeks. *1 Lactic peel & 1 Glycolic peel & 2 TCA peels is included in the cost. *2 months of products included in the cost. First 3 peels are a weekly treatment must avoid sun exposure tca peel will cause your skin to physically peel for about 7 days do this series when you have down time and no where important to go as you can experience a week of shedding

$650 · 30 minutes

*Facial Add ons

An ANTI-AGING EYE SERUM FOR DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFINESS The peptide eye serum opens the eye zone for a refreshing. youthful appearance. it brightens the appearance of discoloration, reduces appearance of winkles stimulates circulation improves tissue and encourages healthy cellular skin functions you may add this to any facial

3 Options

Fruit Enzyme facial with led light therapy


$160 · 1 hour

Couples package

Massage for two

$200 · 1 hour

Massage for 2

Nothing says quality time then time together! we welcome you to come enjoy a luxurious couples massage /massage for two where you both will be pampered and spoiled side by side

$280 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Massage & Facial for 2

Enjoy a wonderful relaxing spa day with you and someone else. whether it be a partner a mother a daughter or a friend our togetherness Massage and Facial will give me that quality time together. Robes wine and a foot soak

$400 · 2 hours

Waxing services

Brazilian wax + half leg wax + under arms waxed

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Brazilian wax

Full wax of vaginal area

$60 · 30 minutes

Returning Brazilian wax within 4-6 weeks time frame

$50 · 15 minutes

Wax Stomach hairs

$10 · 10 minutes

Underarms waxed

$15 · 15 minutes

Butt strip only

$15 · 15 minutes

Chin wax

$12 · 30 minutes

Full butt wax

$40 · 30 minutes

Lip wax

$8 · 10 minutes

Lower arm wax

$25 · 20 minutes

Lower leg wax

This session includes removal of hair from the knees to the ankles.

$50 · 30 minutes

Full leg waxed

$100 · 50 minutes

Intimate skin care

Brazilian wax + Vajacial

full Brazilian wax with vajacial

$115 · 1 hour


The vajacial is a revitalizing skin care treatment, after –Brazilian wax— a process that, many of us know, can be pretty grueling on the skin. The treatment involves exfoliation, calming masks, steaming, ingrown-hair, blackhead extractions 20 mins A Vajacial removes dead skin cells, smooths around bikini line, prevents acne, helps with hyper-pigmentation, all to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

$75 · 30 minutes

Honey buns “Butt facial”

Derriere- acne or blemish treatment on butt, double cleanse, extractions, cellulite massage, serum, treatment mask, moisturize

$135 · 50 minutes

Vaginal bleaching

Bleaching of the Vaginal area. This is a multiple step process to lighten your skin. Your are not in pain, discomfort during the treatment. You will experience peeling around 3 to 4 days after treatment. This has to be book 7 days after your wax. Can't be your first time coming to me.

$150 · 30 minutes

Under arm bleaching

$100 · 30 minutes

Vagi brighting peel (3)

Are you looking to lighten the area on your Hoo haa? This package gives you 3 weekly brighting sessions and comes with a home care kit

$600 · 30 minutes

Luxury Vajacial

Our luxury vajacial will focus on hydration and nourishment of the mons pubis. Relax with tranquil sounds, mud mask, aromatherapy & dimmed lights while we start with a Gentle Steam Cleanse, Exfoliation, Hydrating mask, High Frequency/LED Light Therapy, Toning and Moisturizer. ALSO neck & shoulder relaxation massage

$180 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Anal bleaching

$150 · 30 minutes

Inner thigh bleaching

Our Inner Thigh bleaching service is a multi-treatment process to lighten your skin 3-4 treatments for best results. No pain or discomfort during the treatment. You will experience peeling around 3 to 4 days after treatment. This has to be booked 7 days after your wax. We must do a intimate lightening treatment first.

$90 · 30 minutes

Brazillian wax + vajacial with britening

$159 · 1 hour

Brazilian wax with hydro jelly mask

$75 · 30 minutes

Brazilian wax + vajacial + honey buns butt facial

This package includes your Brazilian wax with VAJACIAL and a booty facial

$180 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Spa day


Once your skin has been exfoliated your therapist will apply a therapeutic body mask to your torso, and your arms and legs and back. After applying the mask to most of your body, your therapist will swaddle you in a plastic sheet and towels, or a thermal blanket, and leave you to rest for around 40 minutes. The heat of the wrap will relax your muscles, open your pores and encourage sweating. When you're freed from your cocoon, your therapist massages moisturizer into your newly baby-soft skin.

$105 · 50 minutes

Me time

30 min massage 30 min facial

$120 · 1 hour



$180 · 1 hour 50 minutes

Girl’s day spa package

Girls day out Enjoy luxury and relaxation with your girlfriends. this package is perfect for you and your group to experience together Enjoy massages, facials, lunch and a foot spa Minimum 6 people

270. PP · 3 hours 30 minutes

body scrub with facial

full body hydrating body scrub with a facial

$275 · 1 hour

Facial, vajacial and wax

facial paired with vajacial, and full Brazilian wax

$205 · 2 hours


Massage with stretching

Giving your muscles a really good stretch can stop your muscles from going into painful spasms or cramps, and stop the knots forming in them that take so much work to get rid of when you do get a massage! Revive your achy stiff muscles and joints as your therapist stretches you during your massage all while increasing flexibility

$110 · 1 hour

Assisted stretching

Full body stretch: stretching is very important to full body care. Here are five benefits that stretching has. Stretching can improve posture. Tight muscles can cause poor posture. ... Stretching can improve range of motion and prevents loss of range of motion. ... Stretching can decrease back pain. ... Stretching can help prevent injury. ... Stretching can decrease muscle soreness. * please wear clothing you will be comfortable in while stretching. (this is a stretch not a massage)

Starting at $50 · 30 minutes

Lymphatic/ Post Op Drainage Massage

lymphatic drainage massage (certified MLD)

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from body tissues. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up. Lymphatic drainage massages can benefit people with lymphedema, fibromyalgia, plastic surgery, or other conditions *No oils/lotion used and very light pressure to stimulate drainage

$100 · 50 minutes

5 lymphatic drainage massages pkg

$500 · 50 minutes

10 Lymphatic drainage massage

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE SESSIONS SCHEDULE: 10 consecutive sessions 3 – 4 times a week Maintenance – as needed

$1,000 · 1 hour

Birthday Day Specials

Birthday Spa day

Come celebrate with a Birthday Spa Day! Come ready to enjoy all your services for your spa day. Package includes: Brazilian Wax, 30 min Deep pore cleaning Facial 30 min birthday suit exfoliating body scrub leave smooth as a newborn a gift to take home!!! *Bonus Includes a underarm wax for Free. Bookable only in the month of your birthday! ID will be checked

$180 · 2 hours


Spa manicure

Nails are groomed, hands are massaged and polished

$45 · 30 minutes

Polish change feet

$20 · 30 minutes


Applied in the same way as regular nail polish to natural nails, dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days chip-free! Includes shaping, cuticle work, and hand massage. Available for manicure only.

$90 · 50 minutes

Rose petal foot soak

$30 · 15 minutes

Detox foot bath

$65 · 30 minutes


Lift your spirits and lower your stress with the finest in foot treatments. Slip your feet into our signature foot soak, followed by a skin-smoothing, revitalizing scrub and an exquisite moisturizing massage. Professional cuticle work, nail shaping, buffing and polish application to complete your treatment. Be sure to bring open toe footwear to wear in spa and after treatment.

$60 · 50 minutes

Full body scrub/ body wrap

Chocolate body exfoliating scrub wrap

The ultimate beauty treatment: Chocolate body wrap: The ultimate treat for chocoholics, this heavenly-scented body wrap sees cocoa-rich formulas applied to your skin. Chocolate is known for its anti-ageing, toning and softening qualities.

$125 · 50 minutes

Package Deals

***Package Deals***

Great deals -Pre-Paying commits you to your overall health, and holds you accountable all while saving money! -Package never expires and you may gift one of your massages to someone else

3 Options


giftcard/ product pickup

Consultation Need questions answered? Have a concern about your skin? In need of showing me a concern? You want to inquire about a service? Well you need a Consultation! Also If you need to buy or pick up a gift card Or buy or pickup products I Am a solo therapist you need an appointment in order to see me once I am in session I can not answer my phone

15 minutes

All ready Prepaid?

If you have already paid for you prepaid package or gift certificate and you would like to book a session please choose this option when booking thank you. If you are booking for the first time and I do not know what your getting please send a massage letting me know what service to prepare for you

2 Options