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Job Search

Tips on conducting a successful job search online

Free · 30 minutes

Interview Prep

Tips for interviewing both in person and online using Zoom or other video applications

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Wardrobe Consultation

What to wear to an interview, first day of work, for different industries, dressing for your body type

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Clothing Donation Appointment

• Desert Best Friend’s Closet provides no contact donation drop off, and cannot assist donors unloading their cars or transporting items. We do not provide pick-up service. • Please limit your donations to no more than 2 large bags or boxes. At this time, we have limited space and staff. We will be storing items in a designated decontamination room for several days before processing. • We will not accept items over 3 years old. Item’s must be free of snags, holes, rips and tears. All zippers must be working, all buttons, hook and eyes must be intact. We will only accept clothing items that have been FRESHLY cleaned and/or new items tags still on, folded neatly and packaged in bags or boxes. Bags and boxes cannot be returned. Please do not donate items loose (i.e. clothing just on hangers). For more information, please see the CDC Guidelines on clothing and laundry • If you or someone in your household has been sick or diagnosed with COVID19, we ask that you refrain from donating your items at this time. • Donations accepted Friday’s between 10am and 1pm. Please schedule an appointment for drop off below. Donations will not be accepted without an appointment.

Free · 15 minutes

Johnny Anderson

Johnny our Director of Operations manages our Interview Attire Program. He specializes in Men's fashion and wardrobe.

Kris Meade

Kris our Image Consultant specializes in Women's and Men's professional wardrobe guidance.

Matthew Campos

Matthew our Director of Development and Programs, manages our Bridge to Employment program, bringing job search readiness skills training and job placement services to clients

Matthew McLeroy

Matthew our Job Developer is here to assist you with current employment opportunities. Matthew has his pulse on the current job market and is also available to assist with interview tips, resume writing, and job applications.


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