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Life Vision Coaching Session

The life vision coaching session is designed to help clients evaluate their experiences, explore their aspirations, and devise a plan to achieve the life they desire. Clients will create actionable tasks, receive guidance, and assess their progress.

$175 · 1 hour

Education Strategy Session

These sessions cover discussion of personal or a dependent's school prospects, potential application/registration, or general information/questions related to education.

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Career Strategy Session

These sessions are for individuals who find themselves looking for more direction, considering career changes, or thinking about the path to promotions.

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Career Portfolio Coaching

These services are for individuals interested in creating a portfolio to showcase their expertise but have never designed one before. Services range from assisting clients with outlining the content, evaluating various platforms for delivery, formatting the layout for ease of use, to reviewing completed work and providing feedback.

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Instructional Coaching

These services are designed to provide private, one-on-one instructional support to current and aspiring educators as they serve students and perfect their craft.

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Organization + Productivity Strategy Session

These sessions are designed for clients who struggle with project managing their lives and finding opportunities to increase their productivity. This is not necessarily related to their careers. Instead, productivity relates to the pursuit of their life aspirations. Cultivating space in your life to find fulfillment requires intentionality.

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Initial Consultation (Course Development)

This service is part of an overall package designed for small businesses or institutions seeking contracted work for developing a course or program. Typically, this includes new hire training or other corporate professional development. For clients who execute a contract with DrChaeEd, the consultation fee is included in the overall cost.

$100 · 45 minutes

General Advice

This service is for all things associated with wanting to "pick my brain" or gather research from me before moving forward or making decisions. 🙂

$75 · 30 minutes

Dr. Chae

Dr. Chae provides guidance and coaching services to individuals seeking to maximize their time and create and reach fulfilling life goals. Whether it’s a parent researching education options, an aspiring entrepreneur trying to make sense of resources, or a mid-career professional seeking new opportunities, Dr. Chae has helped countless people manage the anxiety of the unknown. Her talent for inspiring and encouraging others, as well as helping them identify the next steps and create actionable plans contributes to her consulting successes.