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At Radiant Nails, our mission is to help others express their creativity, personal style, and grow in self-confidence through an array of nail art and manicure/pedicure services. Offering natural nail services, soft gel, hard gel, hybrid and acrylic services! Book your appointment online, call, or text!
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Our Services

Genre Enhancement with Gel Polish
Want to add strength to your natural nails (not extensions), but not bulk and have your manicures last weeks on end? This is your service. Genre Enhancements are an acrylic/ gel hybrid service which should be filled every 2-3 weeks (but can last up to 30 days). It includes: a manicure/cuticle work, gel polish color, and hydrating cuticle oil and hand cream applied for you. Upgrades are available for this service- just ask us!
Genre Enhancement Fill
This is the service to maintain your beautiful Genre Enhancements, which should be done every 2-3 weeks. It includes: removing prior gel color; re-balancing nails; shortening/ re-shaping; the actual fill; a gel color, and hydrating cuticle oil and nourishing hand cream applied for you.
Gel Polish Manicure
Your quintessential gel manicure. This service includes: trim/ shaping of the nails; cuticle work; application of gel polish, and finishing with hydrating cuticle oil and nourishing hand cream applied for you. Upgrades are available for this service- ask us about those!
Gel Polish Mani + Prior Gel Polish Removal
This service includes: removal of the prior gel polish; trim/ shaping of the nails; cuticle work; application of new gel polish, and finishing with hydrating cuticle oil and nourishing hand cream applied for you. Upgrades are available for this service- ask us about those!
IBX Strengthening Treatment- ADD ON
IBX is a treatment for helping strengthen and help grow natural nails. It can help to repair damage and is also great for protecting nails under gel polish or enhancements. This service is an add-on to your gel polish or enhancement services. It includes application of luxury Dadi cuticle oil and Luxury Dadi Lotion for you.
Classic Manicure
This is a manicure that includes: trimming/shaping the nails; cuticle work; application of traditional nail polish. Ask about upgrades available for this service!
Solo IBX Nail Treatment
IBX Treatments repair and strengthen natural nails and can help them to grow stronger and healthier. Included in this service are: trim/ smooth/ clean up nail shape; cuticle work; application of IBX Treatment System, and finish with luxurious 'Dadi' cuticle oil and lotion applied for you. (No polish is included with this service.)
Nail Art/ Bling/ Accent Nails
Bling out your nails using gems, pigments, specialty glitters and many other kinds of nail art- seasonal and otherwise! (Price reflects per nail charge.)
Collagen Gloves Treatment
Give your gel polish manicure an upgrade! This collagen treatment for your hands will give your skin a more plump, firm appearance & help restore the elasticity in the skin through lasting hydration.
Gel Polish- ADD ON- French Manicure
Hand-painted smile lines to create the perfect French manicure or pedicure in gel polish!
Gel Polish Soak Off
Carefully and gently remove prior Gel Polish so that a new polish can be applied.
Hard Gel Overlay
Apply hard gel (So Gel, Akzentz, The Gel Bottle Inc, or Young Nails) to natural nails, either under gel polish or alone. Includes a manicure to prepare the nails for this treatment and gel polish. Maintenance on this product includes fills every 2 weeks. (Please note: this product does not soak off, but must instead be filed down to be removed.)
Hard Gel Maintenance
Remove prior gel color; perform any needed maintenance to overlay/ structure; cuticle work; fill hard gel. Included with this service are: gel polish and 1 accent nail per hand (free accent options will be presented to you at time of service and will change with season and trends). You can upgrade for detailed/ specific nail art/design ideas.
Hard Gel Extensions
Extend the natural nails using a hard gel. Gel polish is included in this service.
Express Pedi
This service is waterless and includes: trimming/ filing the nails; cuticle work and application of traditional polish.
This is a relaxing pedicure service with some options! It includes: relaxing foot soak; trim/file the nails; moisturizing scrub, and massaging hydrating cuticle oil and nourishing lotion into the feet and lower legs for you. Upgrade options (ask for a price list for these) include callus treatment; gel polish, and nail art. *Waterless pedicures are also available upon request. *
Pedicure- Gel Polish Add On
Using gel polish for your pedicure
Jelly Pedi
This is a very relaxing and gentle pedicure service that feels GREAT for tired, or arthritic feet. It includes: heat and aroma therapy foot soak (which turns into an amazing, jelly-soft texture which holds the heat); trimming/ filing the nails; a jelly foot/ lower leg massage, and finishing with your traditional polish color of choice.
Acrylic Soak Off
Gently file down and then soak off set of acrylic nails. (Price can vary up to $25 based on time & product needed to remove.)

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