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QHHT Session (In-person)

A process of finding answers and solutions to your specific questions about your life, yourself and your dreams.

$350 · 4 hours

Meditation "Me Treat" (In-person)

A 4 Hour celebration of You! This session is designed as a compliment to the QHHT session or as a stand alone. It allows you to learn how to maintain your practice of listening to your inner guidance for answers and solutions.

Check the website for the schedule $150 · 4 hours

Fitness Sessions

Affordable, reliable fitness sessions. For $60/month($5/session) or pay per session at $10/session, you not only get fun, reliable, and live fitness sessions. You also have an opportunity to ask fitness related questions after the session.

2 Options

Face To Face On The Couch(Private Virtual Healing Session)

Discover, decode and heal, your life and body messages, in this one-on-one private virtual session.

$100 · 1 hour

Yvette Muhammad