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Thank you so much for choosing me as your Makeup Artist. I'm so excited to work with you!

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Our Services

$15 OFF ALL Full Face Services
Natural Glam
If you're looking for a soft and subtle yet GLAM look this is for you! This look includes: -Full Face w/ Brow Sculpting and Lashes -NO eye shadow
Mini Glam
Are you looking for a GLAM Cut Crease? Or maybe a Smokey Eye? If so, this Mini Glam is just what you need. This look includes: -Full Face w/ Brow Sculpting and Lashes -Soft cut crease w/ 2-3 shadows or smokey eye -Glitter liner may be used but NO FULL GLITTER LID.
The Uniquee GLAM
Its time to turn heads and step into your SPOTLIGHT!! This look includes: -Full Face w/ Brow Sculpting and Lashes. -GLAM and detailed cut crease look w/ BOLD eyeshadows and pigment. -GLITTER -Bottom lashes are an extra $10 (optional)
Brow Sculpting
Brow Fill In
Strip lashes ONLY
Brows and Lashes
Brow fill in and strip lashes
Bridal Consultation
A test run before the BIG DAY! We'll figure out the looks you'd like for yourself and for your bridesmaids.
Bridal Makeup
This service is for the BRIDE ONLY. This application will take place in the Salon. If requesting travel there will be a Travel Fee (price depends on distance)
Bridal Package
Please contact for detailed pricing based on size and services requested for party. **There will also be a Travel Fee charged depending on distance**

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