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Studio Room Rental w/ Engineer

Rental of Music Production Room w/ Recording Engineer

Starting at $40 · 1 hour

Production Room & Producer Rental

Rent the music production room and A producer to produce any content desired.

Starting at $100 · 1 hour

Song Production

Recording, Song Production & Mixing

Starting at $300 · 6 hours

Song Mixing

Mixing Of A previously Recorded Song. Call for Details??

Starting at $150 · 4 hours

Block Vocal & Dialog Recording

Recording Of Vocals Thru many choices of Our Vocal Chains.

Starting at $140 · 4 hours

Track Remake

We will remake any Track You desire With Sample Clearance. Bring us your track, give us a few hours and Magic.

Starting at $150 · 4 hours

Sound Design & Scoring

In need of a Sound like any other. Working on a film, record, or Project? Can’t find exactly what you need? We got you.

Starting at $60 · 1 hour


We can’t do everything!! But we do have partnerships with some of the worlds top mastering engineers. All genres Excepted, all Engineers currently working on Projects.

Starting at $100 · 30 minutes

Dialog Mixing - Podcast, Broadcast

Podcast Shows, Video Content, Radio Broadcast, & Musical Pieces. Warm, Clear, & in your face.

Starting at $25 · 1 hour

Publishing Administration Services

Split Sheets, Contracts, Money Collection. We have partnered With To offer the best services possible.

Call Us · 30 minutes

Podcast Recording & Production

Weather You need set up, Facility, production, Recording, or mixing we can cover you back.

Starting at $35 · 1 hour

Studio Musicians - Any Instrument

We have Studio Musicians That can Play any Instrument needed. Try us

Starting at $40 · 1 hour

Vocal Coaching

Our networking has propelled us to offer a grand service with great results.

Starting at $25 · 30 minutes

Lyric Video Production

We can make lyric videos for your project. Price Varies if you want Video in the background, still photos, or GiFs

Starting at $150 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Project Package

Film, Music Album, Demo, or Advertising Proposal, 4+ Musical Pieces

Starting at $1,000 · 23 hours

Development Recording

Song structure, Vocal Production, Arrangements, Etc. We will take extra care on assisting you in leaving the facility with a finished Product.

Starting at $50 · 1 hour

Artist Development

Prices based upon how far you are and the different skills needed to achieve your goals. Monthly, weekly, or long term.

Call Us · 1 hour

Production Room Rental

Rent our Music Producers Heaven. 7 Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Fast 2019 Computer, Adam monitors, Electric Guitar & Software to last a lifetime. Call about selections.

$50 · 1 hour

Day Recording Block w/o Engineer

10 hours of Recording

Starting at $325 · 10 hours

Writing Room Rental

Rent our getaway vibe to write anything on your mind.

$25 · 1 hour

Meeting Room Rental

Looking for a comfortable Atmosphere to Go over proposals, or projects. Gather staff for weekly meetings. 4 person Room or 10 person Room.

Starting at $25 · 30 minutes

Listening Session Rental

Need a place to play music for investors, staff, label executives.

Starting at $25 · 30 minutes

Mixing Room Rental

Need a Room To mix in? With Good gear, & plug ins to do it. We have a seat for you here.

$35 · 1 hour

Sample Music Interpolation

Sample Clearance at its best

Starting at $150 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Day Recording Block w/ Engineer

10 hours of Studio Time

Starting at $500 · 10 hours


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