Garden Creations

Content Creation Facility & Non Profit Workshop Center For Youth
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Our Services

Studio Room Rental w/ Engineer
Rental of Music Production Room w/ Recording Engineer
Production Room & Producer Rental
Rent the music production room and A producer to produce any content desired.
Song Production
Recording, Song Production & Mixing
Song Mixing
Mixing Of A previously Recorded Song. Call for Details??
Block Vocal & Dialog Recording
Recording Of Vocals Thru many choices of Our Vocal Chains.
Track Remake
We will remake any Track You desire With Sample Clearance. Bring us your track, give us a few hours and Magic.
Sound Design & Scoring
In need of a Sound like any other. Working on a film, record, or Project? Can’t find exactly what you need? We got you.
We can’t do everything!! But we do have partnerships with some of the worlds top mastering engineers. All genres Excepted, all Engineers currently working on Projects.
Dialog Mixing - Podcast, Broadcast
Podcast Shows, Video Content, Radio Broadcast, & Musical Pieces. Warm, Clear, & in your face.
Publishing Administration Services
Split Sheets, Contracts, Money Collection. We have partnered With To offer the best services possible.
Podcast Recording & Production
Weather You need set up, Facility, production, Recording, or mixing we can cover you back.
Studio Musicians - Any Instrument
We have Studio Musicians That can Play any Instrument needed. Try us
Vocal Coaching
Our networking has propelled us to offer a grand service with great results.
Lyric Video Production
We can make lyric videos for your project. Price Varies if you want Video in the background, still photos, or GiFs
Project Package
Film, Music Album, Demo, or Advertising Proposal, 4+ Musical Pieces
Development Recording
Song structure, Vocal Production, Arrangements, Etc. We will take extra care on assisting you in leaving the facility with a finished Product.
Artist Development
Prices based upon how far you are and the different skills needed to achieve your goals. Monthly, weekly, or long term.
Production Room Rental
Rent our Music Producers Heaven. 7 Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Fast 2019 Computer, Adam monitors, Electric Guitar & Software to last a lifetime. Call about selections.
Day Recording Block w/o Engineer
10 hours of Recording
Writing Room Rental
Rent our getaway vibe to write anything on your mind.
Meeting Room Rental
Looking for a comfortable Atmosphere to Go over proposals, or projects. Gather staff for weekly meetings. 4 person Room or 10 person Room.
Listening Session Rental
Need a place to play music for investors, staff, label executives.
Mixing Room Rental
Need a Room To mix in? With Good gear, & plug ins to do it. We have a seat for you here.
Sample Music Interpolation
Sample Clearance at its best
Day Recording Block w/ Engineer
10 hours of Studio Time

Our Staff

Pamon Clarkson