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Our Services

In-office Consultation
All new clients start here!
No More 11s
Soften and smooth the 11s with this quick fix.
The 805 Freeway
Smooth out the highways and byways between the brows and across the forehead.
Cancel your Crinkles
This simple treatment smooths out the lines around the eyes.
Dissolve the double chin
Permanently melt fat and tighten skin under the chin area.
Perfect Pout
Lip enhancement customized to your anatomy and desired look.
Smoother Smile
Soften your smile lines for a lighter, fresher look.
Killer Contour
Fuller, contoured cheeks lasting up to 2 years.
Jaw Dropping Jawline
Define and correct with Juvederm products for a beautiful angled jawline!
Jaw Slimming
Reduce TMJ symptoms, slim the lower face.
Lip Flip
Microneedling with PRP
Under Eye Filler
Treat sunken eyes and look refreshed instantly! Results last 1 year.
Vitality Peel
Tighten pores and give your skin a healing dose of medical-grade antioxidants. Perfect for dull skin, textural issues, and blackheads. Great for acne, hyperpigmentation, and photodamage.
Vitality Pro Peel
Combination of medical grade antioxidants and acids to treat a variety of skin complaints. More advanced peel for acne scars or lines/wrinkles. Beginners should select a consultation or Vitality Peel first.
Spider Vein Treatment
Consult and treatment of the tiny bothersome veins on the legs.
Skype Consultation
For long-distance clients looking for a skincare regimen or injectables consult.
Removes peach fuzz and dead skin for 4 weeks

Our Staff

Kristen Cantwell