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Initial Consult

This first time, in-depth visit gives you a chance to get to know Dr. Kovner. Taking the time to share your story gives her the opportunity to listen to you and hear your narrative. This allows her to assess you as a whole person and meet your needs. Taking a thorough patient-centered history means covering your mental, social, physical and nutritional health since these factors interplay to make up a unique you. Then over the next 3-4 days after studying your case and allowing time for thoughtful reflection, Dr. Kovner puts together a personalized Care Plan with an in-depth explanation of what our work together will look like. This might include nutritional adjustments, personalized exercise plans, nutritional recommendations, blood work or supplements plus a starting discount on the online dispensary Wellevate. Often this will come as an email and contain supporting documents for your education and general reference. All service fees are non-refundable.

$268 · 2 hours

Follow Up

New complaints, topics and acute matters. Review of Care Plan, labs, imaging, medications, supplements and Q&A All sales are final but you may re-schedule once without additional fees.

Email or call for service pricing · 1 hour

Check In

Fine-tune your plan and answer questions from the last visit. up to 30 min.

$77 · 30 minutes

Discovery Call

Meet the doctor, get to know her approach to health and figure out how she can help you.

Free · 15 minutes


Blake Kovner