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Free Phone Consultation

Each new client will receive a free phone consultation in order for trainers to assess the needs of each dog and handler team. During this call, we will discuss management, prior training, behavioral issues, and your training goals. With this information, we are equipped to find the training package that is right for you!

Free · 30 minutes

Behavior Evaluation

Behavior Evaluations are conducted for new clients registering for Walk & Train only, or occasionally for clients purchasing multi-dog packages. Please only book if you have already completed the Pre-Session Phone Consultation.

45 minutes

Online Training Session - 1 Hour

Free · 1 hour

Online Training Session - 30 Minutes

Free · 30 minutes

Walk & Train

Upgrade your standard midday dog walk or doggie day care to private one-on-one training visits with a professional while you're at work! Summit K9 trainer Devan Blazey will work one on one with your dog to build the critical skills needed for a happy, healthy, well adjusted pup. Training plans will be customized to fit your training goals, and you will receive a video follow up outlining key exercises after each visit. This service is ideal for owners looking to make the most efficient progress with their dogs and those with busy professional and personal schedules.

40 minutes

At Home Training

Private At Home Training is highly specialized based on your goals and needs. Summit K9 trainer Devan Blazey will coach you and your dog through training strategies that build critical skills in the comfort of your own home. During these sessions, you will learn exercises and techniques that will build desired behaviors, discourage undesired behaviors, and strengthen your communication between you and your dog.

1 hour

Puppy Training

This course will set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success and positive experiences. By completing this training in your own home, you will receive the attention and customized instruction that every new puppy needs. These sessions can be formatted to include at-home coaching sessions and day training, during which the trainer works independently with your pup to master new skills.

45 minutes

Behavior Consultation

Tackling behavioral issues can involve a significant amount of planning in order to achieve success. Many problem behaviors can be mitigated through a balance of targeted training and management techniques. Let us help you create an effective strategic plan, setting you and your dog up for success! Consultations can be completed in person or online, providing a baseline to diagnose issues and customized plan for realizing your dog's full potential. Learn more about how your dog see's the world, and how to use this knowledge to generate effective strategies. Expect to discuss details such as crate training and management, reward systems, timing for rewards or corrections, and canine learning theory!

$65 · 1 hour

Canine Connection

Participants in our therapeutic Canine Connection Program benefit from the unique opportunities for healing and personal achievement provided by dogs. Working with dogs has been linked to a host of physical and mental health benefits, ranging from reduced anxiety and depression, to improved cardiovascular health, to weight loss. Sessions are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of participants, but are centered around learning techniques for effective communication, care, training, and relaxation. This program helps foster confidence and independence, all the while building the canine handler bond.

1 hour

Canines for Kids!

Research suggests that working with companion animals is linked to a wide range of positive impacts on child development, including higher self esteem, cognitive development, and social skills. We offer at-home sessions customized to building training skills and confidence in kids, encouraging them to reach their full potential. Participants will learn to read canine body language, safely interact with new and familiar dogs, communicate effectively with their dog, practice calming techniques, and reinforce desired behaviors in a fun and interactive setting. All ages and abilities are welcome!

1 hour

Canine Fitness

Build your four legged friend’s confidence and stamina through the Summit K9 Fitness Program. These sessions are designed for keeping your dog in top physical condition through the use of confidence building exercises, high intensity games, and dog parkour. Activities will focus on balance, control, agility, body awareness, and endurance. Whether you're looking for a structured way to meet your dog’s physical and mental needs on a tight schedule, or seeking a fun and creative way to learn and grow together, we are happy to design a program that is perfect for you!

45 minutes


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