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$35 for 35 Day Challenge (Sale Ends 04/06/2020)

Join us in honoring our Bricked-N-Bodied owner, bodybuilder and nutritionist 35th Milestone Birthday! Melt, build, and scope virtually with her as the countdown begins. Includes virtual check-ins/consulting, realistic meal plans & advice with custom at-home workout assignments. (Limited Time Only! - Once booked, wait within 24hrs to receive requested date & time texts for introductory meet-n-greet call and 1st session link details).

$35 · 15 minutes

(NEW) BNB Mix-N-Match Recipes

Want to make better but realistic eating choices without the restraint of a bland and distasteful diet?!? Receive a variety of custom-made, gourmet meals that you no longer have to feel guilty about. Mix-N-Match as you choose. Wouldn't believe it's well-balanced. (Price valid through 04/2020 only - email must be valid and accessible to deliver).

$25 · 5 minutes

Fitness Consultation

We're now accepting new clients at our housed, North Houston area. New private, appointment based only location at our housed facility. Stat measurement updates, before and after photos progress reviews, bi-weekly meal plan options discussed, pick-up/on-the-go catering, sculpting treatment review needs to plan out your transformation. No longer deal with bland meals! We have everything now in-house and local for the average, everyday busy worker bees.

$27 · 45 minutes

Monthly Members BootCamp

For actively enrolled clients only. Weekly, optional 8AM Saturday morning group trainings. 30 Min HIITS - 1Hr sessions provided.

$42 · 55 minutes

Partner BNB Weekly Fitness Training Package (4 sessions)

Optional weekly training restricted to 1 session per week unless otherwise approved based on trainer assigned. Additional bookings will be cancelled without approval. Meal plan not included. Only select hrs between 5:30AM-8:30AM Monday - Friday. Card fee included.

$103.20 · 1 hour

30-Day Customized Nutrition Plan (Online Only)

30-Day Meal Plan constructed based on starting stats client provides. Client is responsible for sending weekly pictures of progress (online-based only) to consultant assigned. Workouts not provided nor access to BootCamps or On-Grounds training; Meals Only. Please allow 3-7 Days for turnaround time as all meals are fully customized and catered to each individual enrolled to return proper calculations. Allergies and list of foods to avoid must be listed in 'Notes' section upon purchase. Consultant will complete a follow-up call (via number listed ON-File) day of purchase is made for next steps before a plan is derived.

$99 · 5 minutes

Stat Check-In

For pre-paid members only. All other requests will be cancelled.

Free · 15 minutes

Waist Trainers - Coming Soon

$34.99 · 5 minutes

Kaela AKA 'Brickhouse'