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New Client: Initial Consult

A quick free (~10min) call to see if we're a good match. By phone or Zoom/google hangouts. Please provide your phone number and/or username and I'll call you.

Free · 10 minutes

Deep Dive Consultation (75 min) $145

Via Phone, Zoom or Google hangouts. Overwhelmed with all the options? This consult is ideal for gaining some preliminary insights around how to thrive in the digital sphere. What are the possible viable approaches? This can be the 1st step in crafting a plan, and then you will be more informed of the next best direction / action to take.

$145 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Clarity Session (35 min) $75

Appropriate for those who already know something of our approach and want to have a shorter consultation, usually about one specific issue. Note: This is not technical support. If you're an existing client and require that, shoot us an email. Thanks.

$75 · 35 minutes


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