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Permanent Make Up Consultation

The Consultation gives you the opportunity to meet your permanent makeup artist, ask any questions, go over any concerns and contraindications without any pressure. You choose if we are right for YOU!

3 Options

Gentler Touch Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner is similar to tattooing. There are several variations and all eyeliner is customized to your eye shape and eyelid folds.

5 Options

Permanent Eyebrows

An ideal brow for clients who prefer a more finished makeup look, this look does not include hair strokes.

3 Options

Kiss of Color lips

This lip procedure is a soft undefined lip blush giving you a soft natural color to your lips like you had when you were young.

$695 $695 · 3 hours

Permanent Makeup Correction

This is a noninvasive, pain free procedure with a 99% success rate. We are unable to give a specific amount of sessions needed as there are many variables that determine how many sessions will be needed.

$150 · 1 hour