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1 on 1 Training and Life Changing Appointment

1 on 1 Appointment and Individual Training Appointment This appointment will change your life- seriously! I have two decades of medical research, am trained in modalities from all over the world, am currently teaching students with their own health practices, and I am now here for YOU during this 1 on 1 time to support, equip, and work with you on your individual health concerns. Let’s get to the root and equip you during this 1.5 hour long appointment time. Is is generational trauma? Is it nutritional? Is it epigenetic? Let’s find out what ROOT issue is and equip you with TRUTH of how get and stay healthy! Wondering what and why of your individual health concerns? I’ll find the root of your individual health concerns, and equip you to take control of your health. You are not alone and yes, you can get healthy! Wondering what and why of your individual health concerns? I’ll find the root of your individual health concerns, and equip you to take control of your health. You are not alone and yes, you can get healthy! Below you will find the issues we can be discussing as we find the root of your health concerns: * Microbiome, Gut Health * Detoxing and why it is NOT what you think * Nutritional Truths, what to eat and why * Mold/Candida/Fungus/Parasites support that actually works * Neuro pathways and what they do for your mind/body connection * Gut brain axis * Epigenetic Stresses and how to shift them * nnEMF Sensitivities and how to mitigate * Emotional and Relationship stresses (ie relationship support) * Generational Trauma

$249 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Turn Back Time

Okay, so I’m not Cher, but I can help you Turn Back Time to the jovial youthful you! Over the course of this 6 week package, you will receive the following: - Genetic report and consultation explaining your genetic stresses and strengths and how they impact you - Cellular level Detox and Remineralization plan and supplies sent to your preferred address - Dietary plan based on your personal genetic testing results, and emotional and physical health - Physical consultation including your personal pH review and ways to balance your pH- here’s a key, diets wont change your pH - 5 Neuro-feedback and Bio-feedback appointments with me personally. Neuro-feedback and Bio-feedback are a fancy way of describing what I do to help your brain and body align with new pathways to be the best YOU. We work together one on one, removing years worth of stored stress from your brain and body. Your initial appointment will be a deep dive into finding any root stresses, an overview of your health, and the beginning of our journey returning you to a more joyous youthful you. Each following appointment we will be adjusting and adapting your plans as you shift and heal.

$1,299 · 5 hours

Equipping Event

Equipping Event is NOT a Ladies Retreat. It’s NOT a time of Indoctrination. It is a time of equipping you by meeting you where you are, and in every way with your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, coming along side of you and Equipping you in spirit and in truth. Come and ask the hard questions, like “Where is God when someone miscarries”, “How do I finally move past this”, “What can I do to get healthier”? You are seen and loved and now, you are being EQUIPPED for more! What’s INCLUDED: • Accommodations (note, depending on the amount of women, we may be sleeping in sleeping bags and this is actual our HOPE to have so many women, we let go of “retreat spa” mode and return to the genuine sisterhood mode ), for August 27, 28, and 29th. You will be staying at a huge gorgeous home on the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with beachfront access in walking distance. • Breakfast and lunch on Friday 28, 29th. • Teaching and training of ALL things that are EQUIPPING you.

$759 · 1 day

Quick Question Consult

Want to: • Ask me tough questions about your health • Discuss the many ways I help people and find out if it’s right for you Than this is the perfect Quick Question Consult for you

$30 · 15 minutes

Jennifer Van Allen

Jennifer Van Allen is a Naturopathic and Holistic Health Practitioner, a Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner, and a Nutritional Consultant who has been studying nutritional support, naturopathy, genetics, and holistic health care for the past 14 years.