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I make your house happy again, from helping organize your most important memories to helping you keep track of the socks, you can follow many of my suggestions online, or schedule an introductory visit. References available.
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Our Services

Introduction Meeting
Validation meeting to see if collaboration is in everyone's best interest. This is a sponsor related meeting to discuss brand positioning and placement.
Strategic Planning
Like purchasing Real Estate, the place and process you use to build your online presence is a art. We help you navigate the waters of who, why, and how.
For social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs
We work with social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs to align profit & purpose, this meeting will be to understand your goals; we in turn help process goals into vision and action plans. This is an initial call to discover if we can align framework, tools, and activities to meet each other's expectations.
Creating a Cisco Network Academy/MakerSpace
We have built programs that embrace both design framework thinking with vocational skills training in both networks and next-generation IOT platforms. We will develop a 90-day custom program that engages the community. I am a common guest speaker at MakerFaire "MakeLive" and have several internal teams engaged in various build efforts. We can design and tool equip your program.
Due Diligence Paperwork to Create a Social Enterprise
Creating a project that involves both learning, and active engagement in a issue to bring Cause-Related Sponsors to both your event, and to sustain your program requires knowledge that connects that "front end" to the "back end". We use a model which was patented, and won several awards over for over 25 years.
Business Phone Setup
Start making more productive sales calls in minutes, what most do not ever think about is the hold music. Or, how to connect your calls to Slack, Salesforce, or other CRM's With our platform you can make 3x more calls with one-click voicemail drop and PowerList dialing, and record all activity back for later reporting.

Our Staff

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