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Initial Consultation

This is the first consultation with Mrs. Bramwell where the general analysis of the student is done (N.B. - This can only be done once, any consultation therafter will come at full cost)

Free · 1 hour

General Consultation

This is for any consultation after the initial consultation. Select this option if you are not doing a financial aid, visa processing or essay editing consultation and add any relevant details in the appointment notes section.

$6,000 · 1 hour

Visa Processing

This is for students who have been accepted to schools overseas and are preparing for the Visa Aapointment with the embassy. Passport photos are needed on CD from Bryan’s photo studio, your passport is required as well as the I-20 form provided by the school for those going to the United States. For all other countries please specify the country and other relevant details in the appointment notes section. The total cost for students going to the United States is $480 USD. $200 for the sevis fee, $200 for the Visa Appointment with the embassy and $80 for the visa processing paid to Versan (or the $8000 JMD as stated for the cost of the consultation).

$8,000 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Financial Aid Consultation

This consultation is for students. For those who are US Citizens, we cover the CSS Profile as well as the FAFSA. For those who are not US Citizens we do the CSS Profile (FAFSA is only for US Citizens). For those who are US Citizens, your parents should file their US tax returns (if applicable).

$6,000 · 1 hour

Essay Editing Consultation

This applies to college essays as well as the personal essays for the college application. N.B - We do not write essays for students, we only offer guidance and assistance in correcting the essays so that the student will have the best chance of getting accepted.

$6,000 · 1 hour


Sandra Bramwell-Rose