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Consultation: Tarot, in person or online

Tarot cards reveal the secrets of your past, present, and future. We can explore any question or concern, including issues of love, romance, friends, family, and career.

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Consultation: Astrology, in person or online

Your birth chart is a symbolic blueprint for the life you were meant to live. Learn how the planets’ positions at the moment of your birth reveal the secrets of your destiny.

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Consultation: Tarotstrology, in person or online

A fusion of tarot and astrology! See your birth chart come to life through the imagery of tarot cards. Corrine Kenner is one of the world’s foremost experts on the correspondences between tarot and astrology.

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Consultation: Spirit Contact, in person or online

Schedule a special tarot reading to re-connect with loved ones on the other side.

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Consultation: Tarot of Physics reading with Dan, in person or online

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Corrine Kenner