Dear D205 Families, To assist all D205 students, the District Tech Department has hired a few representatives from York's TSI class to repair Chromebooks over the summer. We will be available for Chromebook dropoff/pickup on Fridays through July 10th. This is a new experience for us and there is a significant number of people who have reached out needing assistance. We will work as swiftly as we can to repair devices so they are ready to go come Fall semester. We thank you for your patience and support. Thank you and be well! Ms. Bartholomew & TSI Interns

York TSI

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Freshman Chromebook Pickup

Pickup your 9th grade device AND return District property. Please add student name/ID to the Appt. Notes box.

5 minutes

Chromebook Repair

Select if you have a Chromebook to drop off. Please add student name, ID# & problem to Appt Notes.

Price given upon repair completion. See for more details. · 5 minutes

Chromebook Pickup (REPAIRED)

Chromebook ready for pickup? Choose this option. Be sure to add student name/ID # to Appt Notes.

Price dependent on repairs completed & warranty status. See for Price List. · 5 minutes

Loaner Drop Off

Returning a Loaner? Please select this option. Add student name/ID# to Appt Notes.

5 minutes


Kristen Bartholomew