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Private Auctions Rooms

ARTGALA’s Private Auction Rooms provide the opportunity to meet with our representatives for an exclusive digital experience. Private Rooms and Advisory Services are available upon reservation. ARTGALA provides online auctions, private auction rooms and advisory services. These services are exclusive to our members. Booking and reservation is required for our advisory and private auction rooms. Private Auction Rooms In NYC & London are Made Possible by Meet in Place.

Starting at $900 · 2 hours

ARTGALA Advisory Midtown - 675 3rd Ave. (Corner of 42nd)

Services Personal consults for private acquisitions and sells. Personal consults of sourcing & displaying artwork Curating and proyect design of interior design project. Curating of corporate and hotel proyect Artist and portfolio management. Artist commissions and creative projects. Management Of Private Collection. Coordinating and management of an art events.

Price Varies $300 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Michelle Acevedo