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Speaking Engagements: Initial Consultation

We move hearts and minds through a personal blend of narrative and illustrative examples. Our speaking engagements are powered by two years of immersive, investigative travel. Stories are also drawn from Kerri’s thirty year multi-national career in marketing — working on the world’s most iconic brands and sport moments. We currently offer a variety of speaking topics — each designed to spark curiosity, stir emotion, and provoke personal investment in driving positive change. We can work with you to customize a story, as well as format, based on client goals, setting, and audience. Pricing varies depending on client needs. In order to schedule a speaking engagement with us, please first book an initial phone consultation (no charge), so your needs can be more fully discussed.

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Evolved Leadership Development for Teams: Initial Consultation

The Liberty Collective is available for dedicated team development sessions with organizations. Our platform includes an Introduction to Evolved Leadership (designed to shift belief systems and raise awareness), as well as specific sessions focused on key leadership attributes (e.g. bravery, and listening) We are flexible in our approach, and can offer longer and more immersive programs, or a series of shorter workshops planned over time. Please book an Initial Consultation to discuss your goals and we will work with you to create the best fit for your team and organizational needs. We are currently conducting virtual sessions in adherence with distanced learning requirements and will continue to offer this option. The Liberty Collective is also available to travel to you (pending schedules and social distancing mandates) or we can conduct sessions in our Portland offices for groups up to twelve. Pricing for team development varies. We will provide a specific investment quote pending further discussion.

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Potential Partnership: Initial Conversation

We are planning to journey a few times per year to destinations around the world and offer leadership development workshops with select groups of individuals. If you’d like to help spearhead a workshop in your city please schedule an initial phone conversation to discuss opportunities further. If there is an additional partnership opportunity you would like to discuss with the Liberty Collective we are happy to schedule an initial conversation to explore options.

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One-On-One Personal Development Session

Kerri offers general career advice and leadership development for individuals. She draws from her own thirty year career in the business world of brand marketing and communications and the insights gained from The LC learnings. Her experience in leading teams, developing individuals, and sparking new thinking, provides a foundation with which she can offer a unique and seasoned perspective. She is happy to connect with you regarding your personal path and journey in work and life. Note that Kerri does not specifically offer personal or executive coaching, but can offer recommendations of great resources in this area of expertise.

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One-On-One Personal Development Session (Scholarship Option)

We have specific time set aside each week to provide members of underrepresented communities consultation at no charge. This can range from individual mentorship tied to career and leadership development, to industry and strategic marketing advice for entrepreneurial individuals. This session time is designed to help lift diverse perspectives higher (including but not limited to people of color, people from LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, and people looking for guidance at either end of the age spectrum). All gender identities welcome. The Liberty Collective is passionate about standing for purposeful inclusion and creating an environment where all can feel safe, welcomed, valued, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with others and for themselves.

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1. Kerri Hoyt-Pack

Kerri is the pioneering founder of the Liberty Collective. She is also a seasoned human-centered business leader and world class brand builder. Drawing from a thirty-year career in the business world of advertising, brand marketing and communications, Kerri's extensive and lauded experience in leading teams, investing in individuals, and sparking new thinking provides a foundation with which she can offer a unique and seasoned perspective. Kerri is available to meet to discuss Client needs relating to Speaking Engagements, Evolved Leadership for Teams and Potential Partnerships. Consultation time with Kerri is designed for personal connection around leadership challenges and opportunities, as well as explorations of personal growth in the workplace. All genders and identities, as well as level of experience are welcome.