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An exfoliating treatment that uses tiny crystals to gently remove the top layers of dead skin to improve the skins appearance and texture. The exfoliation performed with microdermabrasion reduces fine lines and pore size and helps skincare products to absorb into the skin more effectively. This is a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime. It is great for a wide range of skin types. Treatments should be scheduled 2-6 weeks apart. A series of 4-6 treatments is recommended.

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A procedure that removes dead skin cells and the vellus hair (peach fuzz) that can trap dirt and oil in the skin. Dermaplaning helps to diminish the look of fine lines and acne scarring. It leaves skin soft and smooth and allows for deeper skincare product penetration to promote anti-aging. It is minimally invasive with no down time and is great for all skin types. Treatments should be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart.

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The right face mask can help pull out impurities and hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of pores. Facial masks can be customized for a variety of different skin types. There is no downtime. Treatments should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks to promote healthy skin.

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Microneedling with SkinPen

The SkinPen uses tiny needles to create microinjury to the skin which promotes collagen production, leading to firmer, smoother, and softer skin.

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LED Light Therapy

Red or Blue Light Therapy

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Numbing Service LHR

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Laser hair Removal XSMALL Area

6 laser hair removal session to upper lip, ears, nose, eyebrows, or areola

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Laser Hair Removal SMALL Area

6 laser hair removal sessions to chin, side burns, hands, feet, or linea

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Laser Hair Removal MEDIUM Area

6 laser hair removal sessions to neck (front or back), under arms, thong line, or simple bikini *upgrade to deep bikini for $750

$750 · 20 minutes

Laser Hair Removal LARGE Area

6 laser hair removal sessions brazilian, stomach, chest, arms (upper or lower), full neck, full face, or shoulders

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Laser Hair Removal XLARGE Area

6 laser hair removal sessions to full back, full front, lower legs, or upper legs. *Upgrade to full legs for $2050

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IPL & Resufx Photofractional Combination Treatments - Full Face

Includes both IPL and Resurfx at the same appointment. Evens out reds and browns (rosacea, sunspots, age spots, broken capillaries), reduces fine lines & wrinkles, acne, and other scars

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Resurfx - Skin Resurfacing

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IPL & Microneedling Combination Treatments

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IPL & VI Peel Combination Treatments

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The Signature HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Upgrade to a Deluxe HydraFacial which is customized with a booster to address your specific skin concerns Upgrade to a Platinum HydraFacial which is customized with a booster to address your specific skin concerns and includes lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling/puffiness and sinus congestion

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B12 Injection

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Dermal Filler Consultation

Free · 30 minutes

Body Contouring/Skin Tightening Consultation

Free · 45 minutes

Dermal Filler

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Botox consult

Botox or Dysport is injected into the muscles of the face or neck to temporarily paralyze muscles improving the appears of fine lines and wrinkles and preventing the development of future fine lines and wrinkles.

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Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Free consultation for laser hair removal

Free · 45 minutes

Skincare Consultation

Free · 30 minutes

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