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Acupuncture Treatment

This is the standard service & great value: Personalized Acupuncture treatment, private room/bed, herbal recommendation, dual Infrared Heat-lamp therapy. Tongue & Pulse diagnosis. Also may add additional modality such as electro-stimulation, cupping, tuina, or guasha for $15. Ask about muti-treatment deals, bringing a treatment down to $70.

$85 · 30 minutes

3 Treatment Package

3 sets of Diagnosis & Acupuncture at $80 per treatment, save $15!

$240 · 30 minutes

6 Treatment Package

Best Value! 6 Acupuncture treatments at $75 each, save $60! 6 treatments is the standard course length for many issues, and for chronic or difficult issues, it is the point where you are likely to know if the treatments are working for you or if more invasive action is necessary.

$450 · 30 minutes

Alternate Modality: Tuina, Cupping, Guasha

Stand-alone combination manual therapy using Percussion gun, Cupping, Tuina, and/or GuaSha. This service will usually consist of a combination of 1-2 modalities.

$55 · 20 minutes

Herbal Consultation

Includes Diagnosis and recommended herbal formula. Herbal formula sold separately either in-house or at local herb shop. We carry high quality granules, both loose and encapsulated for both convenience and potency from $20-$40. We also make raw herb formulas which may take up until your next visit to prepare from $15-$40

$30 · 20 minutes


Andrew Lee