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Volume full set

$300 路 3 hours

Hydrofacial Infusion

Hydrofacial uses water and serums in a vortex to cleanse, extract, exfoliate and infuse the skin. This luxury treatment is great for all skin types and is perfectly customizable to fit the needs of each individual client. *please note if you have rosacea we must consult before the service is performed*

$200 路 1 hour 10 minutes

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination relaxes the brow hairs making the brows appear thicker and fuller. This service is best done every 6-8 weeks. One hour treatment comes with brow lamination, and waxing (if needed). Tinting can be added if desired but is not included in the price.

$100 路 1 hour

The Opal Glow

*current seasonal enzyme is strawberries 馃崜馃崜馃崜* Our most popular facial treatment! This seasonal facial changes each month based on fruit enzymes and the weather. The Opal Glow comes with a deep cleansing treatment, a seasonal enzyme, detoxifying cranialsacral massage, a full LED Celluma phototherapy treatment then it finishes with a hydrating mask and a cryotherapy globe treatment! Just like the glowing beauty of an Opal, your skin will have the ultimate #OpalGlow!

$150 路 1 hour

Lumina Acne Treatment

This facial is the hallmark facial of our Acne Bootcamp system. This facial comes with an antioxidant rich cleansing treatment, extractions, a hydrating mask that focuses on barrier repair, and a LED phototherapy Celluma treatment that specifically targets P. acnes bacteria on the skin! This facial is great for all types of acne, including maturation arrest acne, teenage acne, inflamed, and non-inflamed, etc. *this facial can be purchased as a package deal for anyone wanting to save money on our ABC program. Please contact us at for info about our package deals*

$140 路 50 minutes

Classic Full Set

Classic full set of lashes

$225 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Lash Removal

$60 路 30 minutes

Brow Waxing

$30 路 15 minutes

Brow Define

Eyebrow wax + Standard Tint

$60 路 30 minutes

Hybrid full set

$250 路 2 hours

Hybrid Extended Fill

$140 路 1 hour 45 minutes

Hybrid fill

$95 路 1 hour

Volume fill

$110 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Volume extended fill

$200 路 2 hours

Signature Facial

Our 50 minute signature facial treatment comes with a thorough cleanse, an exfoliating treatment, extractions, a treatment masque and a relaxing facial massage!

$100 路 50 minutes