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Yoni Steam

*You CANNOT Yoni Steam with an IUD, Pregnant or During Menstruation. Yoni (vagina) Steam is an ancient healing practice for where a women sits over an herbal infused steam, allowing the healing benefits from the herbs to entering the perineal tissues bloodstream. Cleansing, toning, fortify, detoxing and healing the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina and anus.

$60.00 $60 路 30 minutes

King Steam

Herbal hydrotherapy for Men, when a man sits over an herbal infused steam, allowing the medicinal properties of the herbs to enter through the body via the bloodstream and anal, bringing healing to the pelvic floor, prostate and surrounding organs.

$50.00 $50 路 30 minutes

Yoni Steam Party For 2

Yoni Steam Parties, must have 2 people, in your party. Rates are $55 per person and includes herbal beverage. *You CANNOT yoni steam with an IUD, Pregnant or during Menstruation.

$49.00 per person $55 路 30 minutes

Couples Steam Deluxe w/ Foot Detox

*You CANNOT Yoni Steam with an IUD, Pregnant or During Menstruation. A couple that heals together, stays healthy together. Enjoy a relaxing detoxing session with your partner, healing from stagnant energy and blockages that can damper your relationship.

$175 路 35 minutes

Mommy 馃挋 Daughter Steam

The ultimate generational healing experience, between a mother and her daughter, through divine feminine energy. Girls Ages (8-18)

75.00 $75 路 30 minutes

Yoni/King Steam Deluxe

Yoni or King Steam includes the ionic foot detox for a full body detoxing session.

$85.00 $85 路 35 minutes

Teen Steam (Ages-12-18)

$29.99 路 30 minutes

Womb Stimulation

Helps to reposition a tilted聽uterus. Promotes hormonal balance. Massage聽helps to break down scar tissue. Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones. Increases circulation to the聽uterus聽& cervix. *Includes Navel Candle Therapy Improves endocrine system communication.

$50 路 30 minutes

Full Body Detox Package

Enjoy 3 Detoxing Services of the following: Yoni/King Steam Ionic Foot Detox Ear Candle Detox Womb Stimulation

$125 路 30 minutes

Womb Consultation

Let's discuss a yoni/womb healing plan for your specific feminine wellness needs. *Yoni/Blood Type Diet *Yoni Steam Schedule *Yoni Detox Pearls *Yoni Yoga *Etc

$20 路 20 minutes

Postpartum Party Steam

$49 路 30 minutes

Yoni Homie Membership

3 Yoni Steams per month 1 Yoni Steam per week (Wed-Sat)

$139.99 路 30 minutes

Goddess Smiles Teeth Whitening

$50 路 30 minutes

Yoni Steam Party (3-4 PPL)

Yoni Steam Party must have 3-4 PPL priced at $49.00 per person.

$49 路 30 minutes

Ear Candle Therapy

Detoxing of the ears, nose and throat connection, removing excessive ear wax, yeast (bread, rice, pasta and potatoes), toxins and debris from the ear canal. Benefits; removing wax, bacteria, and other debris from the ear canal. treating sinus infections. improving hearing or reversing hearing loss. relieving sore throats. treating colds and flus. relieving headaches and migraines. improving mental clarity. purifying the blood. swimmers ear or ear infection relief tinnitus (ringing of the ear)

40.00 $40 路 30 minutes

Ionic Foot Detox Therapy

The ionic detox foot bath is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter. Purging of heavy metals. A more balanced pH level. Reducing inflammation. Purging of yeast. Detoxifying the liver. Internal cleansing with full-body purge. Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing. Enhancing the immune system.

45.00 $50 路 30 minutes


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