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Genealogy Coaching

Stuck in your family history research? Need help with research strategies and more? Book coaching time with me, by phone or through Zoom (video conferencing) today. Sessions are available in 30 minute and 60 minute length.

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C.R.E.W. Coaching (Patreon)

PLEASE NOTE: This complimentary coaching is ONLY available to patrons on the Who is Nicka Smith Patreon site. You must be within the C.R.E.W. Faithful or C.R.E.W. Stan membership tiers to qualify and have an active Patreon account for at least six months prior to your coaching appointment. Sessions are available in 30 minute length with a phone or Zoom (video conferencing) option. If you book this coaching session but are not an active C.R.E.W. patron, you will receive a request for payment that will need to be completed before your appointment is confirmed. For details, please visit

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Media Project Consultation

Need me to review a treatment, script, or concept for a film, television, or book project? Connect with me by phone or through video conferencing to get my feedback. PLEASE NOTE: This appointment is for consultation only. Additional fees will be due for ongoing work, including genealogy and family history research.

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